Glo Yakata Code -To Get Free 6GB + 2,200% Bonus 2024

Glo Tariff Plan

Appreciate magnificent rewards by utilizing the Glo yakata movement code.

Organization administrations are getting redesigned day by day. New Data plans are coming in, so numerous modest information plans are been dispatched.

Glo Nigeria presents the New Yakata Plan which rewards clients with remarkable Data rewards on movement and re-energize.

Stay tuned while I put you through all you require to think about the New Glo Yakata Tax Plan in Nigeria (it resembles a promotion).

About Glo Yakata

Yakata is a tax plan that offers you gigantic Data rewards that work on each Glo sim to peruse and remain associated. Likewise, you get an astonishing broadcast appointment reward for voice approaches each re-energize.

Glo Yakata is a cordial bundle that acknowledges both new clients on the Glo network and obviously, all prepaid clients can likewise participate in this incredible offer.

Advantages of Glo Yakata

When you pick in utilizing the Glo Yakata relocation code, you will be recorded among the recipients of the accompanying:

Yakata gives you an immense information volume of 6GB consistently for your initial six (6) months on the arrangement.

You get 22 (22X) times your broadcast appointment reward on each re-energize of N100 or more.

Yakata gives you fair call evaluated to interface effortlessly (That is 2,200% of your broadcast appointment).

You get more incentive for cash spent on broadcast appointments.

You are given a time of 7days to appreciate this broadcast appointment and information benefits.

On your first re-energize N200 or all the more consistently, you will be given a 2.5 occasions information reward higher than the customary pack plans.

The more you re-energize on Yakata, the more you get. For instance, on the off chance that you re-energize N100, you 2,200. While N200 re-energize gives you N4,400 and it goes that way.

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With the AWOOF reward on this arrangement, I don’t think you need any glo yakata information cheat. Try to avoid panicking and appreciate it.

Yakata Call Rates And SMS Charges

55k/sec, 70k/sec and N4/SMS.

You’re given 55 kobos each second on Glo to Glo calls which is N33 each moment.

You get 70 kobos each second (N42/min) on this intend to call all organizations and this applies to both primary records and reward balance.

All messages from the principal account are charged N4/per message and N20 per SMS on the reward account.

On the off chance that you are searching for how to get 6GB on Glo yakata, follow the movement interaction beneath. Indeed, you need to pick into the bundle to appreciate the extra offers

The most effective method to Relocate To Glo Yakata 2021 and Past

  • Dial *230#. It is the glo yakata code to begin.

Better believe it, you can begin appreciating yakata information and broadcast appointment rewards on each re-energize you make.

On the off chance that you are the web type like me, I realize you’d be amped up for the 6GB information.

You will begin getting a charge out of the information benefits, in addition to the extra broadcast appointment reward joined to this arrangement.

Presently, this got me.

I found that; even though you have a current information group and Yakata rewards you with the 6GB information reward, it will be added to your present information plan and will cause no impact.

That is how to buy into Glo Yakata Duty Plan.

Affirm Glo Yakata Rewards


  • Essentially dial *100# to affirm your present duty plan.

To see your reward balance on Yakata:

  • Just dial *230*1# and you will see your extra subtleties in a spring up or the SMS glo sent you.

How To Amass Yakata Rewards: Is It Conceivable?

Indeed, it’s entirely conceivable.

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Similarly, as it accumulates with your current information group plan, bringing about an expanded information volume, Yakata will consequently add more broadcast appointment and information rewards to the current one on each re-energize on a similar line.

Step by step instructions to Re-energize On Glo Yakata

Presently, you might be inquiring as to whether there is an uncommon method to re-energize your glo line on the Yakata levy.

It’s no different either way.

  • Essentially dial *123*Recharge PIN#.

Ordinarily, after re-energize is done on your line, you will get back precisely the sum you re-energize.

In any case, on glo yakata, you will get an extra broadcast appointment to settle on decisions and well-free information to peruse the web.

Is It Conceivable To Withdraw From Glo Yakata?

Indeed, it’s 100% conceivable.

Is it true that you are Bought into The Yakata Prepaid Information Plan?

  • Essentially dial *220# to withdraw

Here are how to withdraw from glo yakata Tax:

A similar way you moved to this arrangement, mercifully get the relocation code of the new duty plan you’d prefer to select in.

Dial the speedy USSD or follow the brief and you will be relocated to the new levy plan.

This, then again, implies you are out of the Glo Yakata duty plan and will not be permitted to make the most of its advantages.

Glo Yakata Data Plan 2020: Is There Any?

I realize this should be across your psyche at present however it’s alright, become more acquainted with the truth. Get your favored Data designs however there are no glo yakata cheat codes for the time being.

  • Essentially dial *777# to see the following menu.
  • Answer to 1 to go to the following menu.

Presently select one of the plans from Scaled-down Plans, Month to month Plans, Uber Plans, Uncommon Data Offer, Most Utilized Plans (individuals like these plans more), Information Supporter, Night and End of the week Plans.

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The most effective method to Include Loved ones Number Glo Yakata

The following is the glo yakata loved one’s code:

  • Essentially dial *101*1*Number#.

You are permitted to amount to 10 numbers to your FAF account.

Now and again Posed Inquiries (FAQs)

Find the solutions to your most posed inquiry beneath:

Instructions to Get Free Data on Glo Yakata

Mercifully relocate with the short above to appreciate the free information in addition to broadcast appointment reward on the arrangement.

How Long Does Yakata Reward Last?

The reward you got on this arrangement is substantial for 7days beginning from the re-energize date.

Would I be able to Utilize The Information Reward?

Indeed, as long as you have a piece of information empower telephone, you can begin perusing with Yakata Reward.

Will I Get Yakata Advantages On Broadcast appointment Re-energized On E-Top Up?

Indeed, you will get the broadcast appointment and information reward.

Do I Have To Dial Glo Yakata Relocation Code To Begin Making the most of Its Advantages? 

No, if you purchase and register another Glo SIM card, you are on Yakata as a matter of course.

  • Old glo clients can just participate in the advantages by dialing *230#


Would I be able to Impart My Yakata Reward To Another Glo Client?

No, it’s incomprehensible.

The broadcast appointment and Data reward on this arrangement are not shareable or adaptable.


Glo Yakata accompanies exceptional broadcast appointment and Data benefits.

Except if you relocate, you will not be permitted to make the most of its broadcast appointment and Data benefits.

So the thing would you say you are hanging tight for?

Relocate to Yakata Today.



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