Glo 200 For 1GB Code & Data Bonus

You will get the GLO 200 for a 1 GB data plan code to subscribe and enjoy a better navigation experience.

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to deposit 200 Naira in your GLO account and get 1Gigabyte to do your favorite things online?

Get this right There are many data plans in Nigeria, you can probably buy for a decent amount. It depends on your choice, the amount you recharge and eligibility to buy a data plan.

In a few seconds, you will get the short USD code to subscribe to GLO 1 GB only for 200 Naira.

About the GLO 200 for 1 GB of 7 days

When it comes to cheap data packets, GLO is at the top in the telecommunications market. This Internet package was mainly launched for all clients to activate GLO prepaid.

Yes, to be eligible for plan 1 GB for 200 Naira, you must first dial the activation code.

If you are familiar with this plan, you must have known now that the code plan code N200 GLO has been updated. Instead of getting 1 GB for 200, you will be given this same data volume for N300.
However, there are not many changes, at least it is also great to buy 1GB for 300 Naira.
Proceed to get the code to buy this plan, right now.

How to subscribe to Glo 200 For 1GB data plan

The Subscription Code to the plan is memorable. You can subscribe after the manual method or make use of the fast USD code.
Once you apply the instructions correctly, you will get a GLO success message that shows the result of your last operation.

Below is the GLO 200 by 1 GB for 7 days of code:

  • Simply check * 777 * 1 * 1 * 2 * 5 * 1 # in your phone marker application.
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You will see a popup message after dialing the given code. Just be sure to have at least N300 at 500 Naira Airtime on your GLO line.
Getting this correctly The GLO 1GB plan is valid for 1 day, 2GB for N500 lasts 2 days, N1500 for a validity of 7 GB is 7 days.
Alternatively, you can buy this data package GLO manually. Follow the guidelines below:
  • Simply mark * 777 #
  • Answer 1 To select “Buy data”.
  • Answer 1 To select “Buy data plan”.
  • Answer 2 To select “Single purchase” or answer 1 to select “Automatic Renewal”.
  • Answer 5 To select “Special Data Offer”.
  • Answer 1 To select “Special Plans”.
There is no restriction to activate this trap GLO DATA BUNDLE. Just be sure to meet the requirements, the subscription to the Internet package will not be a problem.
If you are among those who ask for GLO 200 for 1GB trick code, please check, mark * 777 # and follow the message to activate the plan as soon as possible.

Validity of the data plan

I created this space for you to clarify the point. If you buy a data packet in the list of GLO special data plans, you must understand that all data plans have a specific validity period.
The 1GB GLO for 200 Naira is valid for 1 day. Now updated to N300 and lasts a valid value for 3 days.
  • 2GB for N500 is valid for 2 days.
  • 7GB for N1500 is valid for 7 days.
I hope you have it now? Cool.
Cheapest data plans for 200 Naira, then and beyond

GLO 200 For 500MB Code

You can buy the 500 MB plan by dialing * 777 # on your phone marker. Yes, it is one of the Airtel Night Plan Packages that give you a large volume of data from N50 only.
There you will find other cheap data plans such as GLO 1GB for 200. See the summary below;
  • GLO N25 for 250 MB.
  • GLO N50 per 500 MB.
  • GLO N100 per 1 GB.
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Follow the link and select your Favorite Plan.

How to verify GLO 200 by data balance of 1 GB

This is mostly ignored. Even though it is very important to monitor your data package balance from time to time.
Have you experienced a high rate of consumption data? Just as sailing through the average websites without downloading anything and your data runs out so fast.
So it is necessary to review your GLO 200 NAIRA for a data balance of 1 GB.
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