Ghana Free Browsing Cheat in 2021 for MTN, Vodafone ,Tigo

Ghana Free Browsing Cheat in 2021 for MTN, Vodafone ,Tigo

Hello my friends Ghanaian, I have all the latest free navigation tips for Mtn Ghana Trash, Tigo Ghana Trash, Cheat Vodafone Ghana, Airtel Ghana Trash and Glo. Now you can browse free with any network of your choice without paying penny, but you must first follow the instructions and settings I will drop here on this blog

The best and most currently cheating at Ghana is the MTN cheating and barely, very few people are aware of this cheat. I do not ask it here to throw it, but to wear everyone along what the ball is now in your yard to hide this information or to broadcast it.

That said, there are mainly two methods to enjoy free sailing in Ghana; Through HTTP injector configuration files and through the VPN application of SM Tunnel. The first works for all networks in Ghana, while later it works only for MTN GH.

You asked for it and now you have it here at your fingertips.

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Requirements for Ghana free internet tricks.

  1. Android phone
  2. MTN GH SIM card
  3. Tigo GH SIM.
  4. Vodafone GH SIM.
  5. Airtel GH SIM.
  6. GLO GH SIM.
  7. Application of Anonytun.
  8. Stable 3G or 4G network

SM Tunnel VPN Configuration for MTN Ghana Free Browsing Cheat 2021

Follow the steps to configure and configure the application to obtain a free trap of the Internet in Ghana.

  1. First install the SM Tunnel VPN application of the previous link in “Requirements”.
  2. Make sure your data service is on.
  3. Then he throws the SM Tunnel application.
  4. Click on the configuration symbol.
  5. SM Tunnel VPN application 
  6. HTTP Injector Application
  7. Moko VPN  or 
  8. Enable the Stealth Tunnel VPN in
  9. Now configure this way:
Connection Protocol: TCP
✔️ Connection Port: 8080 or 80
✔ Connect via Parent Proxy: Don’t tick it
✔️ Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable
Host: www….youtube….com or any of kwese, DSTV, etc URL
✔️ Request Method: Post
✔️ Injection Method: Normal
✔️ Online Host: Tick?
✔️ Keep-Alive: Tick
✔️ User-Agent: Tick
✔️ Generate, Validate and then Save
✔️ Advance SSL Settings: Don’t Tick
✔️ Now click SAVE in the Stealth Settings


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Finally, simply click on Connect and then wait for your connection to pass. When you do, open your browser and enjoy free download to unlimited Internet.


  • Install AnonyTun app here
  • Open the app and turn On Stealth Tunnel
  • Enter 443 for Connection Port
  • Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Header
  • Tap on the Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Header and input the below data

✔️ URL/Host:
✔️ Request method: POST
✔️ Injection method: Normal

Under the additional header tick, keep life, host online, user agent.

Now touch the Generate button to save your configuration.

Then, simply click on Save. Now you can change the default server to the best performance region. Keep in mind that the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Belgium, Italy and Singapore are some of the best scenic regions.

Now, after selecting your preferred region, click Connect and your AnuyTun VPN must be connected. Next, you can start browsing the website for free.

Free Ghana sailing trap for all networks

In case you need other tricks of the Ghana network, such as Tigo Cheat, Vodafone Cheat, Glo Cheat or Airtel Truck, simply follow the instructions below and unlock the unlimited free navigation door with your Android phone and even PC.

All you need to do now is download an application called HTTP injector from the link previously provided in this publication.

Then, go to this group of telegrams and request the latest Ghana free navigation trick file for the HTTP injector that works with MTN, GLO, Airtel, Vodafone or Tigo. The administrator and other internet gurus in the group chat will send it for free.

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You can never go wrong or lack Ghana free cheat this year following that free navigation telegram group that is the best in Africa, since it does not cover not only Ghana’s tricks, but other African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Cameron, Zimbabwe , Egypt, Kenya. , Seychelles, and so on.

About Ghana and free internet tricks

Ghana is one of the countries located in West Africa and has a large number of users of smartphones and the Internet. Most people in Ghana are looking for ways to get subsidized or free cheating, since network providers are not helping them at all in terms of price for Internet data. Students and unemployed are the main category of users facing financial difficulties to try to search for a cheaper way to browse for free.

That is why I have come to your help by providing internet tricks for all Ghanaian.

If you have tried and tested all the tricks I published in this article, you should already be laughing, but if after all, it did not work for you, simply use the comment box below to ask questions and I will guide you more.