Get Free Airtel Call Me Back Code For You 2024

how to send free call me back on airtel

Are you also looking for the Airtel code that calls me to send call requests to other numbers?

If yes, xandertech brings you free Airtel Call Me Back Code.

Its air time balance can be 0.00K as a result of the last call you made, the Internet data plan you bought, the air time offered by friend or any reason you may be.

Happens. And in this case, you need the best way to leave, which is to ask for calls.

This publication shows the Airtel, please call me the code that works right now.


Below is the Airtel backcode call me for SMS

Simply check * 140 * phone number #. For example, to ask ‘08112345678’ for a callback, mark kindly * 140 * 08112345678 # in your phone marker application.

The receiver will receive your message and will return the call as soon as possible.

This code helps in disordered situations when you can not get a recharge card to recharge your account balance.

Yes, you can not tag yourself as the poor boy or the lady for using the USSD call code. It is normal.

Fast codes to send please call it back in Airtel

The Off Office Airtel code call me behind USD is the phone number * 140 *. But there are other shortcuts to send more spicy messages to friends.

You can even ask friends to send you credit using this service.

Obtain short USSD codes to apply for air time below:

Please send me credit. Simply check * 141 * 8 * phone number # on your phone to send a call request to the attached number.

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Do not forget to replace the “phone number” with the number you want to receive a call.

Call me Airtel Code Uganda

Simply mark * 100 * 11 * 3 * 2 # to request a callback.

Alternatively, you can dial * 100 * 11 * 7 # to send a lost call alert to someone. For example, the number that you enter will receive a lost call from you.

About Please, call SMS SMS code in Airtel

All new and ancient Airtel users can use this service to ask for calls.

You are limited to 5 callback requests daily. This means that after asking five people who call it today, you will have to wait until tomorrow to send more call requests.

Only allowed for Airtel users to Airtel. You can not send the please, call SMS to other users of the network.

No matter the tariff plan in which you can always send free SMS, as long as it is an Airtel client.

There is no particular climate, time of day to make use of this service.

You are eligible

What is your result?

After sending call requests to others, what is the result you got?

Leave a comment below.

That is the Airtel Return Code to send free SMS today.

Get Free Airtel Call Me Back Code For You 2024