EDM Marketing vs Email Marketing – Which campaign is more effective?

EDM Marketing is one of the best ways to reach potential customers. In 2018, there were 281 billion emails sent and received every day around the world. This number is expected to grow to more than 347 emails per day by 2023. Although social networking sites are a great source of access to potential customers, that is not all. A new email is a golden key to helping you open the door closer to your customers. You need an email address to create a social media account, then reach out to other users. Email is at the heart of any modern marketing campaign because of its ability to reach a large audience.

So what is the difference between EDM Marketing and Email Marketing? Which method will be more effective?

What is EDM marketing?

EDM Marketing is an acronym for Electronic Direct Mail marketing. EDM Marketing works by allowing businesses to target large groups of customers and potential customers. This strategy is designed to build and foster customer relationships, generate new leads, and increase sales.

EDM Marketing and Email Marketing

EDM Marketing and Email Marketing

The terms EDM marketing and email marketing are often used interchangeably, but they still have some key differences. Although both strategies are based on email marketing with similar goals, EDM marketing has an impact on other marketing channels.

EDM marketing uses email blasts (the term for the act of sending one email to a large email list simultaneously). The goal is to build an email database of your target customers and send your offers to them directly via email. Sounds similar to email marketing, let’s continue to see how they differ.

EDM Marketing is more than just sending emails to potential customers. A good EDM campaign should include multiple communication channels such as hard copy marketing materials to social media and even text messages to build and reinforce your campaign message.

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EDM Marketing integrates various forms of marketing and communication strategies including remarketing, pay-per-click advertising, offline advertising, and social media. EDM marketing is based on the concept of email marketing but expanded into a more comprehensive marketing campaign.

Which method is more efficient?

Basically, EDM is an improved and more effective version of email marketing, so the answer is of course EDM Marketing. EDM Marketing is a strategy that covers all angles instead of just focusing on email.

Benefits of EDM Marketing

1. Easy Customization

EDM Marketing is highly effective because it’s easy to create emails that your customers actually want to read. In particular, EDM Marketing focuses on a quality-over-quantity approach to creating content that email users care about.

You should send emails with promotions or offers, this is something that customers care about rather than sending too many emails. There are many different types of emails you can send as part of an overall EDM marketing campaign, such as:

  • Product launch
  • New collection
  • Newsletters (news, updates on a certain topic that the user has previously subscribed to)
  • Re-order
  • Tips and tricks
  • Discount Reminder
  • Special offer
  • Email “We miss you”
  • Featured studies
  • Testimonials
  • Information & Events

As you can see in the list above, some types encourage potential customers to buy a product or service, but some just provide valuable content to the reader. These types of emails put your business first in your customers’ minds so that when they’re ready to buy, they’ll think of you first.

2. Support building relationships

EDM marketing uses email to provide value and benefits to customers without asking them to do anything in return.

Your advantage lies in the fact that you receive the attention and trust of the target customer group, so they can safely provide you with an email address. Take advantage of EDM marketing to foster relationships with them by creating useful content emails, customers will expect to receive emails from your company.

EDM has an advantage over regular email marketing because you can simultaneously experiment with other marketing channels like text messages, printed materials, and other digital channels.

3. Easy to follow

Another advantage of using EDM marketing is that you can easily track and measure the effectiveness of any marketing campaign.

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Here, EDM has many advantages over traditional forms of marketing. You can easily see who opened your emails and what action they took, if any, after reading them. You can even see when, where, and what kind of device they’re using.

The ability to track marketing processes makes it easy to try new things and figure out what works best. It also helps in tracking your success when integrating other digital marketing channels like social media into your EDM marketing campaign. These platforms have built-in tools that help you track your advertising efforts.

digital marketing

EDM marketing campaigns work better with CCM (Customer Communications Management)

Businesses today apply automation in their EDM marketing or build their campaigns with several email clients in tandem with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

There are many great tools out there that help with effective email marketing and list management. However, many businesses still have difficulty in optimizing technology, a field that still has many gaps to explore.

While those support tools are enough to power an email marketing campaign, for a successful EDM campaign you need a single solution that can streamline operations and empower your company to achieve goals. That solution is Customer Communications Management (CCM) software. By combining your contact information and customer data into a single CCM solution, you can create and send emails more efficiently.

Without a solution that facilitates the connection between customer data and communication, your EDM marketing campaign will not reach customers on the personal level they expect.

Simplified process, more effective email, more successful EDM campaign

CCM is a more user-friendly method for sending emails and building powerful EDM marketing campaigns. With a single platform, you set up an interface that any of your stakeholders, technical and non-technical, can use to manage customer data and email templates.

Centralizing the relationship between customer data and patterns creates seamless, purposeful communication that can be tailored to customer needs, if any, and empowers your EDM campaign. Your emails will be more accurate and personal.

Streamlining your email processes with CCM can help you increase customer retention, sell other products, and increase brand awareness. A single solution that can bring together not only your email tools but all your communication solutions into one, for better internal processes, longer customer relationships, and higher profits. Your EDM marketing campaign will be much stronger.

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EDM marketing can reach omnichannel (omnichannel)

edm marketing

EDM marketing aims to build relationships with customers in the media. This means that customer interactions with communications must be facilitated and prioritized. Furthermore, companies must be ready to meet the specific needs of each customer under all communication channels.

Some customers only read emails on phones, while others only read them on computers. Some do not want to receive emails at all because they still prefer direct mail. The success of an EDM campaign depends on delivering the best possible content to each client. To do omnichannel marketing, your communications must be perfect whether they are accessed on a smartphone, computer, tablet, or direct mail.

EDM marketing focuses on the individual

Combining your email service and customer data with a CCM solution allows you to personalize communications. You can give each customer the freedom to choose how they want to interact. This is a necessary stepping stone in your EDM marketing campaign as it helps you develop a relationship with your customers.

Building an EDM marketing campaign with CCM ensures that you categorize each personalized communication request accurately and that emails are sent accordingly, at scale, with accurate and error-free information. People.

Prioritize customer engagement

Of course, a successful EDM marketing campaign goes beyond fancy communication channels. Using CCM allows you to focus on customer interaction. It’s about tracking each customer’s journey with you over time. This can be specifically related to the email journey.

As the customer walks through the sales and marketing methods, you’ll learn which strategies in your EDM marketing campaign are most engaging and which aren’t. You can enable different approaches for different groups or submit different types of templates to maximize customer engagement.

Building EDM campaigns for the future

What attracts your customers today may not be tomorrow. Using CCM in EDM marketing makes it easy to store and adjust customer data as needed. You can track their interests from the first reach until they become an official advocate for your brand.

Get started with EDM marketing today

Don’t go back to old-fashioned email marketing strategies when you may be using EDM marketing. EDM marketing takes the traditional principles that make email marketing an integral part of the customer experience and turns them into a modern marketing miracle.

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