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Rank Math Pro Free Download is an SEO plugin for WordPress that offers some amazing functions to increase the search engine rankings of your website. This is especially helpful to do SEO on the page of your website. It was first released in November 2018 by Mythemeshop. Mathematical rankings are completely free for the past two years, but in November 2020, they also launched the premium version. You can use this plugin on-site without limits. This is the GPL license plugin. This is not a canceled plugin. Mathematical rankings offer features that are not available in other SEO plugins and do all that while remaining one of the fastest SEO plugins.

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Ranking Math Pro Plugin

The Math Pro rating plugin offers many advanced features that have not been offered by other SEO plugins. Even the free version rating plugins are better than most premium SEO plugins. The installation process and setting of these plugins are very simple and friendly to beginners. It only takes five minutes to set the Mathematics Ranking Seo plugin on your WordPress.

SEO may be the best and most consistent source of traffic for a person’s website, but it is not without his habit. The constant process to optimize your posts can sometimes take more time than actually writing content. If you always feel that you can do more on the SEO front for your website but don’t have time, then the math rating is what you are looking for.

Now let’s discuss the pro feature. Rank Math Pro offers features such as advanced Google Analytics integration, special schema generator, keyword rating tracker, advanced image SEO, and many others. The further scheme generator automatically identifies and applies the appropriate scheme markup to the page or post.

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The host of smart features brings the top SEO capabilities in your previous hand that is not affordable. Smart automation features give you the strength of the entire SEO team with just a few clicks. The design that is carefully thought out, strong features, and the development of the year by the Mythemeshop squad makes the Mathematics Ranking of SEO plugins that change the game that will level the SEO playing field to help increase traffic.

It also provides an option to modify and choose a different type of scheme manually. Rank Math Pro also offers sophisticated SEO WooCommerce with rich footage support.Overall, the rank of Math Pro is an SEO plugin on the best page for beginners and advanced users.

What’s new in Math Pro V2.11.0 (Changelog) rankings

  • Added: [New!] Video detects automatically for schemes and video sites now supports TED videos, Dailymotion, and WordPress.TV
  • Added: New ItemList Scheme Type for Taxonomy Archives page
  • Added: Analytics button on the page when the analytics module is activated
  • Added: mass SEO option on the tag list page
  • Added: SEO filter option in the media library for list view
  • Increase: Labeling mass options added by Mathematical Ranking SEO
  • Improvement: Posting winners and keyword sections in Analytics Now only show winners with a difference of 80 or less. This will help you get more data that can be followed up
  • Enhanced: Hide the Sitemap Tab News for users who do not have permission to edit the news sitemap settings
  • Fixed: Option to enable / disable the news site map does not work from the setup wizard
  • Fixed: The Scheme Tab on the Term Term page does not show the type of pro scheme
  • Fixed: Duplicate Scheme Template Appears in the Elementor Page Builder
  • Fixed: Special Field Variables that do not function in the URL Options Content Video Scheme
  • Fixed: Links in the video sitemap are connected to the sitemap itself
  • Fixed: Post the column shows off in the scheme instead of the article when the sitemap module is active. In fact, it does not affect the output frontend for search engines
  • Fixed: Scheduled action page shows DB related errors in some settings when Google AdSense is not connected
  • Fix image content not added to the site map correctly if the ACF module is activated, but the option “including the image from the ACF field” is disabled
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V2.7.0 Apr 28, 2021

  • Added: [big!] Divi SEO is here! Integration Builder / Theme Divi complete page. Now you can configure all SEO settings from the frontend
  • Added: brand URL, manufacturer, and additional types of options in the product scheme
  • Added: video sites can now detect all videos from the content area and add them to the sitemap
  • Added: Conversion Widget Accordeon Building Page Divi to Markup FAQ Scheme
  • Improved: add a Woocommerce product SKU in the graph open data
  • Improvement: Description of many generator options scheme
  • Increase: Automatic detected video scheme options are now available for all types of special posts
  • Enhanced: Add a uninstall.php file to delete the plugin database table when the plugin is completely removed
  • Fixed: Google Analytics column (Search traffic) is displayed after clicking the keyword toggle even if Google Analytics is not connected
  • Stay: on the re-activation of the plugin, the Autodetect video scheme & video image option that produces automatically returned to default
  • Stay: browser console error when trying to add new keywords on the tracker ranking on PHP 8.0
Rank Math 2.12.0

Rank Math 2.11.0

FAQ: –

Do you guarantee that traffic will increase?

Quite honestly – no one can give you a guarantee that your traffic will increase. If anyone does it, they have an agenda, and you have to stay as far as possible from them. SEO is a game that keeps changing, and what works today might not work tomorrow. With that, we guarantee that our plugin is the best SEO plugin, and it gives you the best opportunity to rank higher on Google than other SEO plugins available now.

What themes are Mathematical Ranking Support?

Mathematical ratings have been tested with many WordPress themes and support all the main WordPress themes. Because we follow the Guidelines for Development of WordPress Plugins, you can be sure that mathematical rankings will work perfectly, no matter what themes you use. If you have installed a math rating and are facing problems, it might not be due to the incompatibility theme. Please contact the support team by opening a support ticket in our support forum, and we will fix it for you.

Do I have to delete another SEO plugin if I install math rating?

Recommended. Mathematical rankings are designed to be an all-in-one SEO plugin that handles everything related to SEO. If you use another SEO plugin with a math rating on your website, not only the performance of your website will be negatively affected, but both plugins working together can produce unexpected SEO results.

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