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Mp3 Tag Script + Setup

Starting a music blog is not easy. I know that many upcoming bloggers find it difficult to put their album and site tags one by one, so I’m sharing this script with us.

First, I will have to inform you that we do not deliver scripts or add-ons or issues that have malware or viruses as we are concerned about the welfare of your website because we have ours.

The MP3 tag script I am about to send you, you have only the TAG MP3 function. It can be in the next version, we will add more features such as voice tag, MP4 tag, e.t.c.

How to install

Mp3 Tag Script

  • Log in to your cPanel
  • Click on the file manager
  • In the file manager, click PUBLIC_HTML then upload the MPTAG script there at Public Root_HTML
  • Extract the zip file and open the MPTAG folder created
  • Go to index.php to start editing
  • Wherever you find VistanAJ, change to your site’s name
  • Change the album cover, you will see four files when you open the MPTAG folder, from four files and folders, there is one named Vista.jpg
  • Remove and upload your own album art and name Vista
  • Use yourSiteRL / MPTAG /? Go to see the MPTAG verand

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