Download Median UI v1.5 + AMP Blogger Template [FREE]

Download Median UI v1.5 + AMP Blogger Template [FREE]

Have you been looking for a premium responsive and fast blogger template to use for your blog but can’t afford to purchase? We got you covered. 

We bring to you the latest version of the popular blogger template being used by many bloggers around the world, Median UI Blogger Template version 1.5.

We are providing this theme for free and easy downloading. But first, you need to know about this theme.

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What is Median UI Blogger Template?

Median UI blogger template is a material design blogger template that was designed by Indonesian Developer Mohammed Maki of JagoDesain in the early months of 2020. 

This theme has been widely used by different bloggers around the world, and it has a lot of good reviews by users.

Median UI is one of the three themes (including image, Fletro) the developer designed and has always been getting new updates along with new features and improvements, so as to ensure high speed, easy user access, and a good user interface.

Median UI is designed with the dashboard UI concept, the template is recommended for use on news blogs, as it has a simpler design but with a high level of readability.

The menu display of Median UI is also made different from other templates, carrying the concept of 3 columns where the first column is devoted to the navigation menu which can minimize the navigation width.

Median UI Changelog

Update: May 12, 2021

  1. Release version 1.5
  2. HTML and CSS code rewriting
  3. Rewrite all post typography styles
  4. Combining the RTL version with the Standard version
  5. Added 2 alternative home page views
  6. Permanently collapsible navigation menu
  7. Added new features:
  8. Notification Header Widget
  9. Navigation Menu Widget (Simple)
  10. Improved slider widget
  11. Popular Post widget with the new look
  12. More ad slots
  13. Full-page, Sponsored, and Product special post pages
  14. Comment pop-up
  15. Profile widget pop-up
  16. Alternative comments Disqus onScroll
  17. New post typography style(Grid image, Scroll image, etc)
  18. Repair:
  19. Unclickable comment icon
  20. Table of content that supports all languages
  21. Almost all standard features can be changed via Blogger Layout
  22. A neater Blogger layout
  23. More colors can be changed via Blogger Theme Designer
  24. Easier show/hide mobile navigation
  25. Easier to edit navigation menu
  26. Editable social media links via Blogger layout melalui
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Update: October 6, 2020

  1. Release version 1.3
  2. Display changes:
  3. Added new font for the heading
  4. Firmer header
  5. Change dark color to blacker
  6. Support <p> tag on posts
  7. Change lazyload script to lazy size
  8. Added new features:
  9. Split post or split the post into multiple page templates
  10. Tabs function on post template
  11. Show or hide short description post snippets on articles
  12. Automatic table of contents
  13. Breadcrumb with two label border
  14. Button change the font size on articles
  15. Added Disqus and Facebook comment options
  16. New widgets:
  17. Added widgets for new ad slots below the header and above the footer
  18. Mini Slider Widget on the homepage
  19. Profile widget with two views
  20. Label Widget with show hide function
  21. PopularPost Widget with or without thumbnail

Update: July 25, 2020

  1. Fixed some CSS code
  2. Fixed some HTML tags to make them more valid
  3. Improvements to the appearance of UC Browser, Safari, and IE 11
  4. Changes to the article column on the homepage
  5. Slight changes to table writing
  6. Fixed header image not showing in AMP version
  7. Fixed left-aligned Mobile Navigation buttons on UC Browser
  8. Removed unsupported display:grid CSS in some browsers

Update: 8 July 2020

  1. Change-related post scripts/related articles
  2. Changed TOC/Table of contents to Pure HTML + CSS (no js)
  3. Changed Spoiler to Pure HTML + CSS,
  4. Now this feature can be used on the AMP version
  5. Add Profile/Contributor widget
  6. Fix the table to be more responsive
  7. Improvements to the share button to be more responsive on all screens

Update: 23 June 2020

  1. Add licenses to templates (including AMP)
  2. Added styles for LinkList / Link List widgets
  3. Random post widget removal
  4. Temporary deletion of related articles in the middle of posting
  5. Added accordion style (faq menu) to the post feature
  6. Adding a share to Telegram link on the share button
  7. Improvements to the responsive display
  8. Improvements to the reply to comments button in the AMP version
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Update: June 16, 2020

  1. AMP version release, demo link:

Update: May 16, 2020

  1. Fixed several bugs, including:
  2. CSS code fixes
  3. Improved color and hover effects especially in dark mode
  4. Fixed the issue of the navigation buttons sometimes not working
  5. Fixed an issue with the <br/> tag of posts
  6. Fixed the issue of the post image not being centered on the mobile display
  7. Fixed unresponsive table issue
  8. Layout changes in responsive displays such as related posts, postcards, share buttons, and others
  9. Added back to top button

Median UI Blogger Template Versions

From above, we can see that the Median UI theme has been updated seven times since its first launch. Thus, to date, it has different versions ranging from version 1.1 to version 1.5.
  • Median UI v1.1
  • Median UI v1.3
  • Median UI v1.4
  • Median UI AMP v1.4
  • Median UI v1.5
  • Median UI AMP v1.5

General Features of Median UI Blogger Template

  • Google Testing Tool Validator
  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Stylish Button
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 404 pages
  • Featured Post
  • Shortcodes
  • Auto Read More With Thumbnail
  • Ads Ready
  • Responsive Footer
  • Social Follow Button
  • Multi Dropdown Menu
  • Search Widget
  • Related Posts with Thumbnail
  • Social Share Button
  • Email Newsletter Widget
  • Recent Posts Widget
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Featured Post Slider
  • Recent Posts Crousel
  • Syntax Highlighter
  • Blockquote

New Features of Median UI 1.5 Template

In addition to improvements and changes to the appearance of the template, also included in this update are new features that will be useful for your blog.
  • New Widgets
  • Notification Header
  • Simpler Navigation Menu
  • Slider Widget
  • Pop-up Widget Profile
  • Special Post Page
  • New Post Style
  • Blogger Comment Pop-up
  • Disqus Comments onScroll

So what are you waiting for, download this theme now and enjoy all the benefits above?

Notethis free theme is for those who cannot afford to pay for the theme, or for developers who want to learn how to make the. 

But if you can afford to buy, I highly recommend you to purchase the theme from the developer, so that you will receive lifetime updates and free support service and also get full theme packages including Median UI AMP v1.5.

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Median UI 1.5 Blogger Template Free

Median UI v1.5 AMP Blogger Template Free Download

Click here for the full documentation

Median Ui Codes (Additional)

Median Ui also comes with some additional codes for advance customization that’s it is also known as “Highly Customizable Responsive Blogger Template”.

 Note:- Please Purchase It Legally, if you can afford or have money to get the latest updates or customization guide. You can buy it through for more info read this purchase guide

Related FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

If you have still some questions regarding this then below i have answered some most asked queries, questions or daubts and you can read those too.

Does It support AMP?

Yes, It’s support AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) too. To Use AMP, you can easily use Median AMP Version.

Does It Support LTR?

Since, Median Ui Latest Version 1.4, It also supports LTR Layout.

Can Median Ui Gives 100/100 Performance Score?

If you can customize it better then it can easily provide you better loading speed and performance score in GTMetrix, PageSpeed Insight, Pingdom, etc.

Is this Template is Mobile Friendly?

Ofcource Yes, because it is mainly designed for mobile devices even it is fully responsive on all types of media screen and devices.


We share content only for testing purpose and help those who didn’t afford money to buy, not for commercial use. Please , If you think it’s working fine and have money then we strongly recommend to buy it from original authors, developers or legally because they put really very hard work in making it. If you are the owner of this content and you have problem with this then, Mail us, We will remove it as soon as Possible.