Download iMagz Blogger Template + 10 Landing Pages + All Additional Codes

Download iMagz Blogger Template + 10 Landing Pages + All Additional Codes

iMagz is equipped with a landing page that can also be used on the posting page. The design of this Template is made simpler but with complete features. The menu display is also made different from other templates, carrying the concept of 3 columns. The first column is devoted to the navigation menu, which can minimize the navigation width.

iMagz  Blogger Template Designed by Jagodesain company. This Template is One of the Best Landing page templates. This Template is Mobile and Ads Responsive theme. This Template is Specially Used in Articles, Magazines, News, and Multiple Categories used in the theme. This Template best Online Shopping Landing page

iMagz Blogger Template is the complete next Level created by Jago Desain that comes with a landing page concept that can be used to sell products or services. If in most themes, the idea of landing pages only focuses on the homepage’s appearance (do not overthink about the look of the post), then Jago Desain balances the Blog and landing page at once. So you only need one blog to run both templates.

This Template Most the persons use in them. This Template has Available Features on the 404 Error page, Stylish Pricing table, Colored Buttons, Best Landing Page, Email subscribe, More Features, etc. If you Like this Template, You will go to the Official site and get a Purchase. If you Like this Post, Please Like, Share, and Comment on my blog post.

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Easy to Customize

We are trying to make this template easier to edit, now you can directly change the color via the Blogger Theme Designer or the Layout menu.
  • Primary Color Options
  • SVG Icon
  • Custom Widgets

Fast Loading

Performance is a top priority in the templates we create, sites that perform well have many benefits and have more potential to be on the first page of search results.
  • Loads less than 1 second
  • Search engine optimized
  • Optimized for Speed
  • Main Features of iMagz Blogger Template
  • Responsive
  • Flexible template sizes fit on every screen and well-organized layouts while maximizing CSS performance.
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SEO Friendly

The template has been designed SEO Friendly starting from the breadcrumb that has been indexed by Google to other markup schemas.

Easy Customize

It’s very easy to change the color, width to font through Blogger Theme Designer including widget settings in the Layout menu.

Ads Optimize

Ready-to-use Adsense ad slots have been provided in locations with high click rates.

Fast Loading

Optimized by reducing the size of templates such as compressing CSS and Javascript for faster loading.

Mobile First

Designed with more emphasis on mobile display, the appearance is made modern and more user-friendly.

Cross Browser Compatible

Support different browsers like chrome, firefox, and so on.


Jago Desain moved some important features to the Blogger Layout menu including a landing page so that users don’t have to bother editing the HTML code of this template to make slight changes. Although not all (there are some features that can not be moved to Layout) but at least it has made it easier for users to use this template. Including the addition of custom CSS that can now be directly through the Layout menu.


This template also features CSS variables for color writing, all color codes are grouped in one place, now you don’t have to bother to change colors and the good news is you can change them directly through the Blogger Theme Designer (Blogger > Themes > Customize).

Landing Page

There are about 10 landing page layouts that you can use and will be added periodically in the next update, all landing page layouts can be edited through the Blogger Layout menu. The order of the widgets can also be changed as easily as drag and drop the blogger widget, you can also place it at the bottom before the footer. Not only on the home page, this landing page can also be used on post pages and static pages, it is suitable for those of you who want to sell products on your own website.

Custom Page

This template has several custom pages not only homepage or standard pages from Blogger but also some pages with a different look.

Blog Page

On standard templates the home page and index (search, label) has the same layout, here Jago Desain applies different layouts to make your blog look more professional.
The home page and the Blog page are separated including a label page that has a different layout as if the main page were separated from the blog page.

Portfolio page

For those of you who have works or products for sale, Jago Desain also provides portfolio pages that are different from the layouts on the standard pages. Using it is also easy, just add a specific label to your post. If you have coding skills you may be able to edit the look of this page to your liking.

Full read Page

This feature is adapted from the blog where the sidebar column is omitted and instead the empty space is more used as a resting place so that the eyes of blog readers do not get tired quickly. From the side of the blog owner, it would probably be unfortunate that the sidebar could be a slot to place ads eliminated. But in terms of user experient, this concept is very friendly with users or blog visitors, no wonder if large blogs such as and use this concept.

Tabs Post

This feature can be used to divide articles into sections with the concept of tabs, for example, you can apply this feature to alternative languages of the articles you write.

Split Post

Just as the post tabs feature also divides the article into sections, the difference is to read the continuation of the article the user has to go to the second page and so on from the post. This concept is widely used by WordPress-based blogs, for example, web stands also use features like this.
The only drawback of this feature is that there is no ‘All-page’ button for reading the entire article without being truncated.

Ad Slots

Muhammad Maki (JagoDesain) have also provided slots for ready-made ad placements, all you need to do is add the ad unit code to the space provided.
The ad slots that Jago Desain have provided include:
  • In-feed ad on the blog page (2 ads)
  • Anchor ad that will appear at the bottom of the blog when accessed via mobile
  • Top and Bottom article
  • In-article or middle article ad (2 ads)
  • Matched content ad (related ad)
  • Sticky ad in the sidebar
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Features and Advantages

  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fast loading
  • UI and UX design
  • Custom Page (Landing Page, Blog post, Portfolio, Full read)
  • 10+ Landing Page Layouts
  • Dark mode In-feed
  • Matched Content
  • Ads Slot
  • Tabs Post
  • Split post
  • Note ost Alert
  • Post Syntax highlighter
  • Easy to Customize
  • And Much More….

iMagz Landing Page Version

iMagz Standard Version

iMagz Landing Page +Additional Codes
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