Ever thought of accessing all DSTV channels on your android phone for free without paying a dime? well, here’s a time it comes to reality, xanderblog.com introduce you to Dstv mod[Vtv apk] which allows you to watch over 2500+ DSTV Channels for FREE

Download DSTV Cracked VTV Apk and Watch DSTV Live Channels for FREE

This hacked DSTV application is more like the Hacked Netflix application that we share in our group and our website, it simply allows you to transmit millions of HQ movies ranging from actions, comedy, horror, animations, scientists, and series.

The DSTV MOD APK and its activation code are sold on certain platforms for a Token, but I have decided to share it for free on this page, so do well to share this publication and leave a comment after you have obtained unlimited access to your FAV channels DSTV

Another thing to keep in mind is that; The cracked DSTV / MOD / HACKED version that we are going to share here is different from the official DSTV application that is in the game store that will not work, except that you have it linked to a subscribed account, however, the installation of the DSTV VTV application will give you access to view and transmit more than 2000+ DSTV channels for free at the VTV APK on your freely free Android.

Without losing a lot of time, let’s see the necessary files to get before you can access your favorite DSTV channels for free on your Android.

h2 style=”text-align: left;”>Requirements;

Simply get the below-listed app and files before you can proceed to the tutorial section,

  • Mod DStv App
  • DStv Cracked activation codes
  • Stable 3G/4G Internet connection
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Now, it’s time to use your brain and get your DSTV mod connected for you, you can also follow the video guide below if you do not understand the text illustration


How to see all free DSTV channels Via VTV mod in Android

  1. Download the cracked DSTV application from the previous link and installation,
  2. Start the application and discard any application update warning by clicking on “Skip

Hitting the update button will automatically disable the process.

  1. After entering the SKIP button, you will be asked to enter an activation code
  2. Enter the activation code 293561110784/274561191038 or {one of the codes you have downloaded above.
  3. Now open the .txt file and paste any of the code provided in the space provided,
  4. Next, touch the “Activate button” and it is likely to receive a “code that has been used” error, it does not look. Simply press the button again, when the same message appears, touch the Cancel button and the message will disappear immediately. Tap the login button and log on.
If it starts successfully; Then, you can enjoy the wonders of your FAV DSTV channels through the VTV application whenever you have data to transmit it.
Watch this video below for more details



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