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Copywriter: What they do and How to become [courses, job, salary]

Who is the copywriter, how much do they earn, and how to become an online copy? Guide to one of the most popular jobs to do at home

For some, it creates winning payoffs for advertising campaigns. For others, it packs original content that is persuasive and able to position itself on search engines. For others, he writes texts, books, or very small captions for social media.

This is the multifaceted job of the copywriter, a job that has to do not only with creative writing but with much more. Becoming a copy today is the desire of many and many who approach the world of online jobs: in fact, it allows you to work remotely (from home, on the road, on the beach ..) even with just a computer and manage your schedules.

Or it opens the way to professional opportunities in various companies, such as web communication agencies, newspapers, or any other type of company looking for a writer to work for them.

To learn how to be a copywriter you need precise bases, which go beyond the simple knowledge of Nigeria and the ability to think about creating content. As we will see in this guide, it also takes a solid foundation in digital matters, knowledge of how positioning on Google (SEO) works, and some sound persuasion techniques used in web marketing.

In short, if you want to become a copywriter you will have to acquire a cocktail of skills and abilities that are not found everywhere. A bit of talent and a lot of passion combined with theoretical foundations and experience will make you a copywriting artist.

Copywriter: who he is and what he does

how to become a copywriter

Let’s take a step back and see better what a copywriter is and what he does in detail. Properly, the figure of the copywriter corresponds to an expert in advertising or publishing capable of packaging texts of a very short or medium-long nature.

The goal of a copy is to leave a mark with words. He writes all kinds of texts, from short headlines (titles) to more in-depth guides, from brochure texts to articles for a corporate blog.

The ultimate goal of the copywriter is? Wisely use words to SELL.

Literally, the meaning of copywriter in the English language is “text writer”. The profession is also often indicated by abbreviating it with just the noun copy, that is, text.

The copywriter often works for advertising agencies, where he creates payoffs or slogans for clients. If you recognize these companies just by reading these words, it means that the copywriting team has done a really great job.

Do you recognize the brand connected to these slogans? If so, it means that the copywriter did a great job

In recent years, however, the copy has assumed great importance also in the digital world. Many companies, such as publications, e-commerce companies, or other businesses, need a person capable of conceiving creative and persuasive texts.

Yes, because online the competition is very high:

  • we must excel among Google’s SERPs;
  • be found by users by improving the online positioning of their pages;
  • sell products and promote services;
  • induce the user to choose their content and take action.

In summary, today there is a need for content writers, or web writers, that is, figures capable of packaging pages, landing pages, blog articles, product descriptions, FAQ pages, and much more.

Did you want to learn how to design a website with your smartphone we have a course that will help you with that Click here to learn more.

There is a need for online writers, and the copywriter is the artisan of the word. Today the figure of the copy has also taken on the role of blogger or web content writer, all shades of a job that is in some ways similar:

  • write to inform,
  • position (a brand, a site, etc.);
  • sell or find more customers.
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Online copywriter (from home)

Today, most of the copywriter’s work is right online. On the web, freelance copy is very popular, professionals are hired on a project basis for the creation of complete, clear texts and are capable of intercepting the user’s search intent and inducing him to take an action.

Copywriters can work safely remotely, from home, or in co-working: their office is a laptop, the new typewriter, and nothing else.

Also, for this reason, many people consider writing as an extra chore to supplement or make some money online. If you don’t want it to be a full-time profession, you can always reduce the hours spent writing. Being an online copy freelancer also has this advantage.

You can find work as an online copywriter by collaborating with web agencies, responding to online job offers, or offering yourself on special platforms for freelancers, where individuals are looking for writers to carry out their projects.

How much does a Copywriter make?

The salary of the copywriter is quite variable. The reasons are many: first of all, a freelance copy must get its own price and the pay per content (or project) varies according to:

  • type of work to be done;
  • competence of the web writer;
  • bargaining skills of the professional.

Abroad, copywriters are also able to earn a gross annual salary exceeding 100,000 euros. In Italy, unfortunately, things are not exactly like that.

On average, a freelance copywriter earns a monthly figure that is around 1500-2500 euros gross. Obviously, the taxes and INPS payments are the responsibility of the professional, which can reduce the net “salary” to 1,000-1,600 euros.  

The same goes for a copy hired at an agency, for which the gross annual salary is around € 25,000 per year (two thousand euros per month gross, with a possible thirteenth).

Similar figures are also found when looking at the Content Writer: Duties.

However, there are exceptions. Some of the best successful copywriters can raise fees above € 3,000-3,500 per month, or propose five-figure editorial projects.

Getting paid as a copywriter is not easy, especially as a freelancer (if you are interested you can learn more about the tariff issue in this post by Riccardo Esposito, in my opinion, one of the best Nigerian copywriters). Some freelancers contract for an hourly contribution, in order to be paid also for all the preliminary analysis and research activities.

Other copy and web writers, on the other hand, opt to get paid in words. The latter are the most popular and on average ask for a figure between 0.02 and 0.08 cents per word. In these cases, an average content (about 1,000 words) can earn the copy from € 20 to € 80.

How to become a Copywriter

how long does it take to become a copywriter

A text written by a copywriter must:

  • explain, inform correctly;
  • stir up emotion, interest, or curiosity;
  • accompany, take by the hand, the reader along a path (or funnel) in leading to a possible monetization, a subscription, or simply loyalty to the user, who in case of need will return to that site.

All this leads the copywriter to need many transversal skills, not just simply writing skills. Therefore, becoming a true online writing professional requires a certain path.

The copywriter, or web writer if you prefer, is a multifaceted figure. He cannot simply be a lover of good writing: he would become a writer. The copy cannot ignore the rules of online positioning (search engine optimization, or SEO): he would be a journalist.

The copy or content writer cannot even renounce his mission as a disseminator and informer: he would be a client finder, a representative, or a marketer.

Basically, you become a good copywriter by managing to:

  • possess writing skills, i.e. being able to write correct Nigeria, respecting grammar rules, and using the correct terminology;
  • make the text smooth, fluent, clear, and linear;
  • know the rules of positioning on Google, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that is to put into practice those best practices that allow the text to gain visibility on search engines.
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SEO and Copywriter

how to become a copywriter with no experience

To get paid well, a copywriter must do one thing above all: knowing how to write content capable of positioning itself among the top positions of Google for certain keywords (query or SERP).

You will have already understood, but here we reiterate it: the best copy is also discreetly experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You may have already heard of SEO copywriters, the most sought-after figures.

Because those who need texts also want them to be read. And that they monetize.

This also means knowing how to move in the search for keywords, or more generally in the search for search intent, the user’s search intent. That is, he must perform a careful analysis of the sector, or niche, for which he will prepare his content, and explain the topics to the best of his ability.

The optimized and valuable content, then combined with an SEO activity (which may not be within its competence), will position itself.

Today Google has evolved a lot compared to the past, and although it often still gives some importance to the use of certain keywords, it prefers to reward those contents:

  • very exhaustive, therefore sometimes (not always) even very long;
  • able to keep the reader on the page without letting him escape;
  • that manage to center the search intent and develop complete and exhaustive content for the reader.

The copywriter, therefore, must be called upon to do some SEO work in:

  • sector analysis related to the content topic;
  • selection of keywords to be included in the text;
  • processing of xanderblog content, that is, capable of obtaining visibility, being read (ie keeping the reader on the page without letting him go out in search of other resources);
  • creation of a flow capable of informing the user and inducing him to take an action (click on a CTA, registration, registration, purchase, etc.).

How to make a working copywriter

The path to becoming a copywriter does not include any training requirements. Copy is a digital job that can be done by anyone, but beware: this does not mean that everyone can improvise as a copy or web writer (even if there are many).

Today, many freelance copywriters who work online from home have embarked on careers without having a degree in copywriting. Having said that, those who do not have the skills risk going a little way.

Therefore to become a copywriter it is necessary:

  • acquire some knowledge of writing;
  • master the grammar rules (no, this is not taken for granted);
  • possess a minimum of creative ability;
  • have a clear understanding of the best practices related to indexing and optimization of content for search engines;
  • build a capacity to persuade the reader with effective web marketing or inbound marketing techniques.

Courses to become a copywriter

how to become a copywriter reddit

As you can imagine, all this certainly cannot be acquired in a short time, much less by complete self-taught. To define yourself as a copy you will need a certain amount of theory and practice, and if you are starting from scratch (or have not yet been successful as a content writer) you may want to work on the training first.

Today there are dozens of courses for online copywriters, programs structured and created by training schools or serious professionals to give you all the basics you need. On-demand lessons, with a personal tutor, with final certification that recognizes the acquisition of certain skills.

The best online paths to learning copywriting (certificates) :

With the copywriting courses, you will receive adequate training, which in the course of your experience in the field will be put into practice, elaborated, and always improved.

The theoretical resources to become a copy can also be found for free, but know that you need to start looking for information on your own:

  • without knowing fully how reliable those contents are;
  • risking wasting a lot of time;
  • with the possibility of falling into the trap of many crap gurus, who boast incredible writing skills.
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The best thing, in these cases, is to rely on copywriting courses issued by industry experts and training schools in the digital marketing sector.

Working as a Copywriter: final tips

Now that you know what a copywriter does and how to become a digital writer, it is worth remembering that to turn the business into a job (freelance or in the company) you will also need to have:

  • an undeniable natural gift, an ability to write that is not given to everyone;
  • patience, practicing, and improving day by day.

Being talented certainly helps to make a career, but the beauty of being a copywriter is being able to get involved. You’ll never know if you’ve got what it takes to be a writer if you don’t try to develop your skills – you may have a hidden gift just waiting to come out.

But in order to emerge, the gift of writing needs:

  • of theory, and here the courses for web writers (copywriters) or books will help you;
  • of practice, that is, of writing.

The great famous copywriters (Nigeria and international) recommend one simple thing to become great copy: write, write, write.

Becoming a good content writer takes training. Do you know the theory? Well, you did the first step. Now is the time to try your hand. Try to write a little something every day, putting into practice what you have learned and getting your mind and hands used to become familiar with this activity.

Where to find a job as a Copywriter

Gradually, you will become faster, more fluid, and more efficient in creating content, even quite long. This might be the right time to look for a job as a copywriter:

  • responding to job advertisements;
  • offering you as a freelance copy.

In the first case, you can take a look at the job offers for a copy that you find on the ad portals. Digital Coach also has an interesting section dedicated to job offers, or you can take a look at LinkedIn to find companies that hire web writers, SEO copywriters, or other similar figures.

Do you prefer the way of the freelancer? To work as a freelance copywriter you can offer yourself as a writer on platforms such as:

  • Write me;
  • Fiverr;
  • Addlance;
  • Upwork.

Here you will find small jobs that can get you out there, approach your first clients and make you a valuable copywriter.

Copywriter – Frequently Asked Questions

What does the copywriter do?

The copywriter designs create and follow the implementation of communication, advertising or branding campaigns. Today the copy also and above all deals with written content, such as articles, landing pages, product descriptions, and so on. Its goal? Position yourself on search engines, inform, involve and lead the reader to action. Find out more.

What is the salary of a copywriter?

The copy’s work is very multifaceted, and also the range of how much he earns. On average, it ranges from € 1,200 to € 2,500 gross per month per copywriter hired. A freelance copy, on the other hand, prefers to be paid per project and usually requires between 20 and 80 euros for written content. Read the guide to find out more.

How do you become a copywriter?

If you want to become a web writer, a content writer, or a copywriter you will need talent in writing, solid theoretical knowledge (there are online courses that can help you), training, and a lot of experience in the field. Then you will have to find work: here we give you some tips to embark on your path to becoming one of the best Nigerian copywriters.

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