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Content Writer: Duties, Types, and Skills that Must Be Mastered

You often look for information from the internet, right? Well, behind the article you read, there is a content writer’s hand who wrote it. Including, the article you are currently reading.

Being a content writer is a fairly promising job. Even from the 2022 search trend research , 4 out of 5 internet users are still looking for text – based content .

So, what exactly is a content writer? What are the tasks like and what skills must be possessed?

Relax, in this article we will review in full about content writers. Let’s see the discussion!

What is a Content Writer?

A content writer is a professional writer whose job is to produce interesting and quality content in the form of articles, ebooks, scripts, and others.

Although the results of his work can be used for various needs, this professional writer plays more of a role in supporting marketing efforts.

The reason is, content writers are considered to have good skills in conveying information through writing, both for education, tutorials, to promotions.

Well, the media for publishing writings from content writers are varied, ranging from blogs, social media, to websites.

Task Content Writer

The duties and responsibilities of a content writer are not limited to writing, there are several other things that must be done, namely:

1. Conduct Content Research

Good research will help content writers develop a topic into complete content. In addition, by conducting research, the information provided can be guaranteed to be correct and can be accounted for.

2. Write Various Content Topics

Content writers must be able to write various topics as needed, such as health, technology, lifestyle, and others.

Whatever the topic they are writing about, they must be able to create informative content for the reader. This is because not infrequently article content is used as a reference material for readers.

In addition, not infrequently content writers also write for promotional needs. So, this professional writer must be able to package persuasive writing and can make readers feel they need the product that is being offered.

3. Editing or Self Editing

Content writers need good self-editing skills
Source: Pexels

Primarily, the task of editing the writing is the responsibility of the editor. However, a content writer also needs to do self-editing so that the articles written are of high quality.

Not only that, self-editing can speed up the process of producing content. With minimal writing errors, editors can process articles to be ready for publication faster.

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4. Publishing Content 

Not infrequently a content writer will also publish content to the platform used, such as a blog.

Generally, on blogs that have several authors, they have accounts with their respective identities. Later, published articles will embed their names. So, it can be a portfolio at the same time, right?

If you act as an independent blogger, of course you must also post your own blog articles, yes.

5. Perform SEO Optimization 

Because content writer’s writings are published online, of course the article must be able to appear in search engines. The goal is to make articles easy to find and can be read by more people.

Well, so that content can compete in search engines, content writers need to do SEO optimization . There are various ways, you can use keywords, outline composition, to competitor analysis.

That way, articles can rank in search engines because they are superior to other similar articles.

Types of Content Writer

There are several types of content writers that can be your career choice, namely:

1. SEO Content Writer

SEO content writer is the most needed career in online business. They have the main task of creating article content.

Later, the article will compete in search engines with competitors on the same topic. So, SEO content writers need to understand the basics of SEO , such as keyword placement, use of interlinks, and others.

2. Technical Content Writer

The internet is still a favorite place to get technical information, such as tutorials. Well, this information is usually written by a technical content writer.

To become a technical content writer, you need to have technical knowledge in a particular field in order to be able to provide the right information. In addition, technical writers must also be able to package technical terms into easy-to-understand language.

3. Long-Form Content Writer 

If you are able to write a topic in depth and in large volumes, then a long-form content writer is for you. Examples of commonly written content are guide books , ebooks , and so on.

4. Blogger

content writers can start practicing with a blog

Blogger is a type of independent content writer who writes and manages content on a personal blog. Usually, bloggers are free to determine their own topics and write their personal views. In addition, bloggers are also free to determine their own writing style.

5. Journalist 

new york times front page

There are more and more online news portals and more and more online media journalists are needed. Interested in being one of them?

Different from other content writers, journalists must be able to write quickly. That’s because news is very dynamic, can change and be updated at any time.

However, so that online readers can feel comfortable with the news, it is not uncommon for online journalists to have a fluid and relaxed writing style.

Difference between Content Writer and Copywriter

Content writer and copywriter are often considered the same job. However, the two are very different. What’s the difference?

Content Writer 

Content writers usually write detailed and clear information. So, they need research to get enough data.

In addition, articles that are written are usually 500 to 2000 words long, covering a specific topic that can be read in one sitting. Most of its purpose is to educate the reader.


Copywriters usually write specifically for promotional needs. For example, for captions on social media, ads copy, slogans, ad scripts, lyrics or jingles.

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That is why, copywriters must be able to write persuasively and creatively package information in a few unique words. A good copywriter will be able to make many people more interested in buying the products offered.

Skills Content Writers Must Master

There are several skills needed by a content writer. Anything?

1. Analysis 

A content writer must have sensitivity to the topic he is writing about. Starting from understanding what the topic is discussed for, how important it is to readers, to measuring the strength of competitors.

2. Research Ability 

good research needs to be done properly
Source: Pexels

In writing an article, a content writer cannot be original, you know. Research skills are needed to process data and facts into a complete article.

So, a published content can be justified and can be a reference for readers. No hoax, yes!

3. Communication

Writers communicate with readers through writing, so communication skills are a must. The hope is that they can create informative but comfortable content to read in a communicative language.

4. Authorship 

Content writers must have written knowledge such as writing format and style, editorial or self-editing, compiling information, to choosing words and punctuation.

5. Understanding the Target Reader 

As a content writer, you are very allowed to have a characteristic or writing style. But, you also need to pay attention to who is the target audience who will read your writing?

That’s because there are so many types of readers out there, such as young people, academics, business people, and so on. Of course, everything can’t be generalized, right?

In addition, someone reads your writing of course because they want to know an information. Therefore, you must be sensitive and able to compile the information needed by each reader.

So, once you know who your target audience is, you can adjust the information and language style for your articles!

6. SEO 

SEO skills are needed by a content writer
Source: Pexels

SEO skills will be very useful for professional writers. The more often the articles that are made enter the search results, the larger the audience who will read the articles.

In fact, for content writers who are part of the marketing team, SEO skills can make articles compete with competitor content.

In order to be able to write seo friendly articles , you need to study the shortcomings of competitor content, pay attention to keywords, and optimize the content.

7. Up To Date 

Online readers need actual information. So, content writers must always update information. Especially in the field of writing that he lived.

That way, you can present accurate and up-to-date information to your readers.

Tips for Becoming a Content Writer

To become a professional writer, there are some great tips that you can do. Anything?

1. Read a lot

For a writer, reading is an important thing to do because you can experience various benefits, such as:

  • Add new vocabulary.
  • Understand the writing style of others.
  • Get ideas for writing topics.
  • Train to process information.

2. Research Exercise

In order for the articles you write to be meaningful and informative for readers, you must carry out a strong research process.

Well, you must be able to do research to find important, valid, and appropriate information so that you can build a writing context. For this reason, it is very important for you to do research exercises.

3. Create a Blog 

The blog itself can be a place to practice writing.

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Try to practice blogging consistently, starting from building ideas or writing topics, research, self-editing, to personal publication. That way, you can understand how a professional writer works.

In addition, you can also use a blog as an online portfolio. The more experience you have writing on a blog, the more likely it is to get clients or a career opportunity as a content writer.

4. Follow the Course 

As a writer, you can take career-helping courses, such as courses in writing techniques, SEO, and so on.

What’s more, there are now many free online training or courses on the internet, some even provide certain certifications.

So when you write, you have a strong knowledge base, so the quality of your writing will also increase.

5. Hone Other Skills 

To become a professional content writer, you need to hone other skills related to the world of writing. An example of an important skill is SEO.

With SEO, you can optimize articles to compete in search engines. These skills can be an added value in the eyes of the company, you know!

6. Don’t Hesitate To Ask Others’ Opinions 

Articles that you think are good, may not necessarily be understood by others.

So, try asking colleagues or even ordinary people to read your writing and ask their opinion: Is the article easy to understand? Is the content of the article informative enough?, and other questions.

That way, you can measure whether the article is reader-friendly or not. Don’t forget to ask for suggestions and criticism from readers, OK!

7. Learn from Your Old Writings

Try to re-read your old writing, guaranteed you will find many mistakes. That’s reasonable, really. Because the higher the flying hours of writing, your writing will definitely get better.

Well, over time, you can be more sensitive to detect errors in previous articles. And so that the quality of the articles continues to improve, rewrite the writing as needed, both in writing techniques and information.

8. Build Personal Branding

So that you have a characteristic compared to other content writers, you need strong personal branding . Because it is related to writing, you can build branding with certain language styles, topics, and more.

For example, if you are interested in technology, then start writing about the topic in your own style. Gradually, both readers and clients can see the “characteristic” that you have.

Want to be a Content Writer?

Content writing is a promising career choice in the current era of information flooding. Armed with writing skills and other skills such as SEO, you are ready to become a great writer.

Most importantly, always hone your writing skills. One way, by having your own blog with a real audience. The blog will also become your writing portfolio.

To make it look professional, make sure your blog can be accessed 24 hours a day with good hosting support, yes.

Well, Bluehost Hosting service can be an option. 

Your website will be easily accessible thanks to the world’s fastest web server, LiteSpeed ​​Enterprise . In terms of security, your blog will also be protected from malware thanks to the Imunify360 feature .

No less interesting, you will also get a free unique domain so that your blog will seem more professional.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to build a career as a content writer?

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