10+ Best & Fastest Web Browsers You Can Try

Fastest Web Browsers

Browser is software that is used to open web pages. Currently, there are many best browsers with powerful features that can be used. However, the many choices can actually make you confused about choosing the fastest browser to use, right?

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll cover recommendations for the fastest and best browsers, as well as some safe browsing tips to keep you safe from various cyber threats. Come on, see the full review immediately!

11 Best and Fastest Browsers You Should Try

Here are some recommendations of the best browsers that you can use:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Opera
  4. Maxthon
  5. Vivaldi
  6. UC Browser
  7. Microsoft Edge
  8. Apple Safari
  9. Brave
  10. Aloha
  11. DuckDuckGo

Let’s go straight to the fastest browser first!

1. Google Chrome

Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS
Platform: Desktop, Mobile

google chrome

Google Chrome has been named the best browser today, although at the beginning of its release in 2008 it was difficult to compete with its competitors such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers. 

In 2018, Google completely overhauled the Chrome browser by rolling out regular security updates. As a result, in early 2019, Google Chrome managed to gain users by 65% ​​of the global desktop browser market share.

Advantages of Google Chrome:

  • High speed – Even on complex web pages, Chrome can still run and be responsive. This is possible thanks to the V8 JavaScript engine used by this fastest browser. V8 is claimed to be the fastest version of JavaScript compared to any version.
  • Elegant design – In 2018, Chrome changed its appearance with the material design concept and made it look minimalist and elegant.
  • Safe & comfortable use – Chrome can auto-block malicious sites, remove all kinds of malware, and display a lock icon to let you know when the site is safe to access.
  • Abundant Extensions – Google Chrome facilitates its users with various types of applications and extensions. Starting from games, search engines, productivity tools, shopping, special developer extensions, and much more.
  • Connect directly to the Google Search Engine – The chrome browser is perfect for those of you who use the Google Search Engine. Because this browser is by default connected to the Google search site. You can directly write keywords in the address bar.

Disadvantages of Google Chrome:

  • Frequently annoying bugs – Google Chrome cannot be separated from bugs that annoy users when surfing the internet. Fortunately, Google’s development team is always trying to work around this.
  • Wasteful use of RAM – Access speed on Chrome is recognized, but this application is known to be a waste of RAM. When it reaches a certain limit, internet access becomes very slow.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS
Platform: Desktop, Mobile

mozilla firefox

The next best browser option is Mozilla Firefox. This browser was designed by the Mozilla Foundation which was originally named Phoenix in 2002. Then, over time, the name Phoenix was changed to Mozilla Firefox. 

Since the beginning of its release, many users are very enthusiastic about using this American-made browser. In fact, in 2008 Mozilla Firefox managed to scoop up the majority of Internet Explorer users with more than 500 million downloads.

In 2017, Mozilla Firefox also released a version with the name Mozilla Firefox Quantum which is considered the fastest browser. But in 2019, Firefox changed its version again to Firefox Browser.    

Advantages of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Security guarantee – Mozilla Firefox is equipped with an advanced security system that is able to deal with all forms of threats such as spywaremalware, and certain viruses. 
  • Ad-free – With Mozilla Firefox, you can take advantage of the Turbo Mode feature to ward off annoying ads or pop-up banners. So, your activities to surf the internet can run comfortably.
  • Reader View Features – For those of you who like to read, Mozilla Firefox offers a feature in the form of Reader View. Through this feature, Firefox will display pages in the form of text only. This feature is also equipped with a choice of background colors with Sephia and Dark themes.
  • Tab History – In Mozilla Firefox, you don’t have to bother to open a new tab to open the history page. Just look at the small pop-up tab on the left of your PC screen.
  • Various types of Add Ons – Like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users will also be treated to a variety of extensions to support their needs, such as password synchronization, bookmark management, and various custom menu settings.

Disadvantages of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Takes up a lot of PC memory – This is what is often considered a weakness of Mozilla Firefox. The need for a lot of memory on the computer makes this application less usable on computers with low specifications.
  • Downloads that don’t auto-continue – The next downside is when you’re downloading a file while browsing various sites. This sometimes makes the download process stutter or even stop.

3. Opera

Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS
Platform: Desktop, Mobile

best opera browser

Of the fastest and best browsers today, Opera is still one to be reckoned with. Although it doesn’t dominate the global browser market share, Opera is still the recommended browser for all operating systems, both on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X browsers for smartphones.

Advantages of Opera:

  • Free VPN – Opera is one of the best browsers that offer free VPN facilities without the need to use additional applications.
  • Complete security features – Not inferior to other best browsers, Opera is also equipped with a feature to warn users when there is a virus or malware on the sites visited. 
  • Blocking pop-up banner ads easily – Not much different from the features of Mozilla Firefox, you can freely block ads or pop-up banners if they interfere with the Opera browser.
  • There are various types of Add Ons – Like other superior browsers, Opera also provides various types of Add Ons that can make your internet experience easier and more enjoyable.
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Opera Disadvantages:

  • Has no loading bar – Many users have complained about the zero loading bar on Opera’s display. This makes it difficult for them to know the progress of loading on the site being visited.
  • Search Add-Ons that are not user-friendly – ​​In addition, many users comment that they find it difficult to find the Add Ons they need. Slightly unstructured page views make searching for Opera Add-Ons a little unfriendly to users.

4. Maxthon

Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS
Platform: Desktop, Mobile

the fastest maxthron browser

Compared to the previous ranks of the best browsers, maybe Maxthon is a browser that is not widely known, especially for internet users in Indonesia. In fact, this Chinese browser has many advantages, including access speeds that are no less competitive than other well-known browsers.

Advantages of Maxthon:

  • Superior speed – Maxthon always maintains PC performance which provides a stable internet connection, so you can open various sites quickly. No wonder, he is classified as one of the fastest browsers.
  • Can be used on various Operating Systems – Almost all Operating Systems currently available, be it Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, to Android, can all use the Maxthon browser.
  • Memory efficient – ​​Not a few loyal Maxthon users say that this browser is more efficient in memory usage than Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • User-friendly interface – Maxthon is designed with a very user-friendly interface, aka easy to operate. And can spoil your eyes with the auto brightness feature to adjust the light when reading at night.
  • Security guarantee – you can freely make any transaction with Maxthon without worrying that your personal data will be hacked.
  • Reader Mode feature – This feature makes it easy for you to read articles or blogs without being hindered by the ads that appear.

Disadvantages of Maxthon

  • Lack of Add Ons features – In stark contrast to Chrome or Firefox, this Chinese browser is unfortunately not equipped with many options for Add Ons or extensions. You could say, this is the only drawback of Maxthon.

5. Vivaldi

Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android
Platform: Desktop, Mobile

vivaldi browser

Vivaldi is one of the next best browser recommendations that you should try. Many do not know that the browser released in 2016 was created by the former CEO of Opera Software, Jon Stephenson. Initially, this fastest browser was formed as a virtual community that replaced My Opera which was no longer operational in 2014.

But for Jon Stephenson, the existence of the community is very helpful for browser development. That’s why he formed Vivaldi and brought similar features to the more innovative Opera.

Advantages of Vivaldi:

  • Blink Rendering Engine Feature – Blink Rendering Engine is Vivaldi’s main supporting feature which is also currently used on Chrome. This feature gives you the facility to set the interface page as freely as possible.
  • Note and Screen Capture Features – The uniqueness of the Vivaldi browser is that you don’t need any additional applications or extensions for screen capture. In addition, you can also write a small note (Note) which is available on the left panel.
  • Page Tiling feature – Page Tiling is another mainstay of the Vivaldi browser. You can combine two to four different site pages into one full view. This means that you don’t have to bother opening tabs one by one if you want to visit different sites. 
  • Preview Tab feature – Next is the Preview Tab feature, which is a feature for you to quickly peek at the contents of the page. You just hover over the tab page of the site in question to see a preview of the site. 
  • Various kinds of Add Ons that are the same as Chrome – In Vivaldi, you can find several kinds of Add Ons that are also owned by Chrome. Because the Vivaldi browser is indeed supported by the same base engine as Chrome, namely the Blink Engine. 

Vivaldi’s Weaknesses:

  • High memory usage – One of the unfortunate drawbacks of this browser is that it uses a large amount of memory. Especially if you use a variety of additional Add Ons like Chrome also has.

6. UC Browser

Operating System: Windows, Android, iOS
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile

best uc browser

UC browser is the best browser that is so popular among smartphone users. This browser born in 2004 in China has a mission to provide a better internet experience around the world. 

Although the UC browser dominates smartphone users compared to PC, it has proven to be the fastest web browser that has qualified quality.

Advantages of UC Browser:

  • Download speed – With the UC browser, you no longer need an external download accelerator app to download big data. Because no matter how big the capacity of the downloaded data is, it will not affect the performance of the UC browser to be slow.
  • Save quota – For smartphone users, the UC browser provides many benefits to able to save internet quota. The reason is, that this application can cut 90 percent of the data taken every time you access a page.
  • Privacy security – No less different from the previous line of browsers, the UC browser is also equipped with security features that can guarantee the privacy of its users.
  • Night Mode – In order to maintain the comfort of the reader’s eyes, this browser provides a feature in the form of a Night Mode that can adjust the intensity of the display light at night.
  • Smart download – This feature facilitates smartphone users to be able to download various data as many as 3 different files at once. You can also stop, start, and pause at will.

Disadvantages of UC Browser:

  • Does not support RSS Feeds and Javascript – The weakness of the UC browser is that it does not support RSS Feeds and Javascript for some users if they want to display desktop or PC mode on mobile.
  • The number of notifications that appear – This is a complaint by many mobile users due to the emergence of advertising notifications that are so intenseEven though the Ad Block feature is available, this method doesn’t have much effect.

7. Microsoft Edge

Operating System: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Platform: Desktop, Mobile

fastest microsoft edge browser

The next best browser recommendation is Microsoft Edge. As the name implies, Microsoft Edge is a browser developed by the world technology giant Microsoft. For those of you who use Windows-based computers, you must have tried this fastest browser. Because Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows OS.

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Advantages of Microsoft Edge:

  • Easy to use – Microsoft Edge adopts a simple and easy-to-understand user interface. Even at first glance, it looks similar to Chrome, making it easier for those of you who are used to using Google’s browser.
  • No need to install – As already explained, Microsoft Edge is a browser that is automatically installed when you buy any brand of Windows computer. So, you can use it right away.
  • Reading list mode – This feature will help you read website content more comfortably. The trick is to eliminate elements that are not important on web pages, such as annoying ads or pop-ups.
  • Page markup & annotation – Haven’t finished reading a web page yet, but in a rush to do something else? With Microsoft Edge, you can easily mark unread parts of a web page with the Page markup & annotation feature. So, later you can find the information on the page easily.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Edge:

  • High hardware requirements – Like Chrome, Microsoft Edge is also a memory-hungry browser. If you are interested in using this browser, prepare at least 2GB of free RAM memory.
  • Lack of extensions – Compared to Chrome or Firefox, the availability of extensions on Microsoft Edge is arguably not too much. If you depend on extensions to add functionality to your browser, then Edge is not the right choice.
  • Search engine Bing – Microsoft Edge takes Bing as the default search engine. Those of you who are used to using Google Search will have to reconfigure to replace Bing with Google.

8. Apple Safari

Operating System: MacOS, iOS
Platform: Desktop, Mobile

best apple safari browser

If Edge is the default browser for Windows-based computers, then Safari is the best browser built into Apple’s devices. Be it a Macbook, iPhone, or iPad. Even though it’s exclusively available for Apple, it turns out that Safari is one of the most popular browsers in the world.

Apple Safari Pros:

  • Fast performance – Safari is specially prepared for Apple. So no wonder, this fastest browser has been optimized in such a way so that it can run smoothly on various Apple devices, both computers, and mobiles.
  • Handoff Integration – Handoff is a feature to integrate Safari browser history between Apple devices. For example, if you are browsing on a Macbook, the history is automatically recorded on your iPhone, as long as you are logged in with the same Apple account.
  • Minimalist design – If you like a clean and minimalistic browser interface, then Safari is perfect for you. There is almost no flashy part of the browser, which actually makes the browsing experience less comfortable.
  • Layered protection – Safari is equipped with multiple layers of security features. For example, Privacy Browsing Mode to avoid web trackers, as well as Pop-ups and JavaScript Blocker to prevent annoying ads and appearing suddenly.
  • Apple Device Emulation – For those of you who work as Web Developers, Safari has a special emulator to check your coding results in the browser. If there are still bugs or errors, you can check them easily.

Disadvantages of Apple Safari:

  • Lack of compatibility – As an Apple-only browser, Safari is not available for other devices such as Windows or Android. If you are really curious about this browser, you should buy an Apple device.
  • Minimal integration – Safari is designed specifically for the Apple environment. So, it has minimal integration with other software and platforms. For example, a series of software made by Google such as Drive, Gmail, or Calendar.
  • Limited extensions – The number of extensions available at Apple is quite limited. As a result, you have to be satisfied with the default features, if you don’t want to install another browser that is richer in extensions.

9. Brave

Operating System: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS
Platform: Desktop, Mobile

brave browser fastest

If you need the best browser that puts security and privacy first, then Brave is the answer. The browser, which was developed in San Francisco, United States, claims that it will always protect its users when browsing from dangerous threats, such as data misuse.

Advantages of Brave:

  • Chromium Based – Like Chrome, Edge, and Opera, Brave uses the Chromium codebase. Automatically, the interface and features are not much different from the browsers above. So, you can adapt quickly to Brave.
  • Web Tracker and Ad Blocker – Brave is equipped with built-in Web Tracker and Ad Blocker features. Web Tracker serves as a protector so that your data is not leaked during browsing, while Ad Blocker can block ads that appear on web pages.
  • Fast and stable performance – Since Brave can block annoying pop-up elements and ads, it can display a full web page quickly. In addition, the performance is also stable even when used for a long time.
  • Low hardware requirements – In addition to fast performance, Brave also doesn’t waste resources, you know. Although it is used to open multiple browser tabs at once, the RAM usage is relatively minimal.
  • Available for various OS – As one of the fastest browsers, Brave can be installed on various platforms. Call it Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Brave Disadvantages:

  • Lack of integration – The process of synchronizing browser history in Brave is a bit complicated. You must scan a QR to activate this feature. Unlike Chrome, which can sync browser history with the same Google account.
  • Contains native ads – Brave does block ads while browsing. But ironically, it gives users the option to view their own ads. Later, users who see ads will be given some kind of reward.

10. Aloha

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows
Platform: Desktop, Mobile

aloha the best browser

The next best browser recommendation is Aloha. Aloha is the fastest browser for mobile devices based on Android and iOS that can be installed for free. Well, those of you who want to try Aloha can download it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Even though it currently supports Windows, the status is still Beta. So, you can try it at a later date after its official release. 

Advantages of Aloha:

  • VPN Integration – Aloha provides a built-in VPN feature so you can access websites that are blocked by internet providers. Oh yes, Aloha’s VPN speed is also fairly fast, compared to third-party VPN applications.
  • Data compression – Aloha can intelligently compress the size of the web page you are currently visiting. So, it can save your internet quota usage when browsing.
  • Fast performance – The combination of a built-in VPN with fast speed and data compression features can increase Aloha’s speed in bulldozing web pages.
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Disadvantages of Aloha:

  • Lack of compatibility – As already explained, Aloha is only compatible with Android and iOS. It can be installed on a Windows-based computer, but it’s not stable yet.
  • Contains ads – Aloha instead of blocking ads shows ads when you use them. Automatically, your browsing experience with Aloha can be less pleasant.

11. DuckDuckGo

Operating System: Android, iOS
Platform: Mobile


Similar to Aloha, DuckDuckGo is the best alternative browser for Android and iOS-based mobile devices. Initially, DuckDuckGo was just a search engine that had an advantage on the privacy side. Until finally, they managed to create their own browser that is compatible with the two OS above.

Advantages of DuckDuckGo:

  • Privacy is maintained – DuckDuckGo doesn’t save your browsing history at all. So, you don’t have to worry about your personal information being snooped on or even being sold into the hands of advertisers.
  • Fast performance – DuckDuckGo’s performance is relatively fast, even when forced to open several browser tabs at the same time.
  • Minimal ads – DuckDuckGo provides a comfortable internet surfing experience, by minimizing the number of ads that appear in front of you.

Cons of DuckDuckGo:

  • Only available for mobile – DuckDuckGo is not yet available on computers, be it Windows, macOS, or Linux. There are only Chrome extensions for their search engine.
  • Unreliable search engine – Although very superior in the privacy sector, DuckDuckGo’s default search engine performance is still less relevant in displaying search results according to your wishes.

5 Safe and Easy Browsing Tips

Every day, the average person spends 4 to 5 hours accessing the internet. Unfortunately, these activities are often disrupted by virus or malware attacks, pop-up ads, to the hacking of personal data. 

Well, apart from using one of the best-recommended browsers, we’ll share tips for safe and easy browsing on any device:

1. Update Browser

Whatever type of fastest browser is used, make sure you always update it regularly. The reason is, that the latest security features will always be provided on the latest browser version. Generally, these security improvements will follow the changing trends of cybercrime. So, making sure the browser is always up-to-date is the first step to being able to surf safely.

2. Access Site with Green Padlock Icon (Secure) on URL 

When you want to visit a website, try to check whether there is a green padlock icon or SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on the website URL. The existence of SSL indicates that the website is safe to visit and has a small risk of data theft.

You can read more about SSL in our article which discusses what SSL is.

3. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Cache has the role to store all the data on the sites you have visited before. So when you want to revisit it, access to that page can be faster. While Cookies function to store login data such as usernames and passwords on each site that requires it. 

While both are very important, there are times when you need to periodically clear Cache and Cookies. 

Clearing Cache is useful so that your fastest browser can load the latest data updates. While deleting Cookies to avoid theft of login data, especially when you lend a laptop or gadget to someone else.

4. Use Password Manager

Creating a different and unique password is very important to prevent data leakage or theft. However, it would be better if you use the help of the Password Manager application to store all your passwords safely. 

With the help of Password Manager, you also no longer need to be busy remembering each of your passwords one by one. Some examples of the best Password Managers that you can use are 1Password , LastPass, Enpass and many more.

5. Install Antivirus dan Firewall

Installing Antivirus or Firewall software is the best step to ensure you are safe from any virus or malware attacks while surfing the internet. Because you can never predict whether even a trusted site can actually be free from other malicious programs. However, once you have Antivirus software, make sure you also update the program regularly.

Which is the Best & Fastest Web Browser for You?

Choosing the right browser is very important to be able to provide a safe and comfortable internet experience. For that, we try to provide some alternatives related to the best and fastest web browsers. The following is a summary of the discussion of this article:

  • Google Chrome – The best popular browser option with qualified speed and is ideal for those of you who often use the Google Search Engine.
  • Mozilla Firefox – The second best browser besides Chrome with many superior features that are guaranteed to be safe.
  • Opera – Suitable for those of you who need a free VPN without having to use additional applications (software).
  • Maxthon – The fastest browser and suitable for PC use that has low specifications because it saves RAM.
  • Vivaldi – A browser with a myriad of advanced features supported by features similar to Chrome’s, namely the Blink Rendering Engine.
  • UC Browser – An ideal browser recommendation for gamers because it is equipped with access speeds to download various types of data without reducing browser performance.
  • Microsoft Edge – Windows OS default browser that is suitable for those of you who are lazy to install third-party browsers.
  • Apple Safari – Browser designed specifically for Apple-made devices with full integration between devices on the platform.
  • Brave – The ideal browser for those of you who pay attention to security aspects when browsing, because it is equipped with multiple security features.
  • Aloha – The best alternative browser for those of you who like to surf the virtual world via mobile devices.
  • DuckDuckGo – The fastest browser for mobile devices that prioritizes your privacy as a user.

Of the many recommendations, which is the fastest browser application that you will use? Don’t miss other important steps, such as adding protection features, Password Manager, updating browsers, and so on to avoid the threat of cyber risks. 

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our articles, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the column below. See you in the next article.

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