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Best Affiliate Marketing Tools To Help You Increase Your Earnings

Are you in the referral business for a while but did get the expected results? Then a significant reason would be ignoring using tools to prosper your affiliate business.

Tools help you be more productive and sufficient at your work. Be it offline or online, whether you are selling your own product or working as an affiliate, using the right tools not only increases your sales but also helps you save time. Using the right technologies is a significant point for your affiliate marketing success.

Well, if you are also interested in using the tools to enhance your earnings easily, you can read this article. Here we have curated some of the most valuable tools to help you in your affiliate marketing journey. 

So, let’s get started on the list with


Instapage is a cloud-based landing page builder that helps you design your landing page with ease. Well, one might think that making a landing requires knowledge in coding and all this stuff, but Instapage has its own drag-and-drop builder. It is quite simple where you can make your page as per your requirements without having any coding knowledge at all. 

Why landing pages are important for affiliates?

To promote affiliate products, having a website is very important. But what if, you don’t have any? You can still promote affiliate products or services, with a landing page.

These landing pages look identical to the websites, but websites may contain multiple pages, but as the name suggests, landing pages sports only one single page. However, modern-day landing pages are packed with various cookies, conversion tracking, and many other technologies. Compared to an article, landing pages are solely made for conversion. They are designed to grab more interest from customers. 

Now, as an affiliate, when companies offer discounts or offers, you can promote the product or service through landing pages.

When it comes to the landing page, Instapage is the most popular name currently in the market. 

Below look at the features that Instapage offers.

Instapage Landing Page Creation Tool

So many landing page templates:

Instapage offers hundreds of premade landing page templates that you can use, or customize according to your needs. These especially help when you are not interested in starting out from the scratch.  

Form builder:

They have in-built newsletter forms that you can easily add to your landing page. Firms are very important to grab leads. People land on your website or landing page, and if you can make them convinced, they will give their email addresses. After receiving their email address, you can market with them. 

Various landing page widgets:

Widgets enhance your landing page functionalities. Instapage offers many widgets by which you can add videos, add social buttons, buying options, and many more. 

And many more.

SEO-friendly content creation tools:

As an affiliate marketer, you would like to create contents that rank on search engine. As an affiliate marketer, you do not own any products or services. So, it might not be a clever or practical way to run advertisers and bring visitors to your platform. Also, there are many things we need to keep in mind when we are running advertising for something which we do not own.

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However, most affiliates rely on free organic traffic. The process is quite simple as you have landed on our website and read the article. As an affiliate marketer, you read useful and informative articles. When people search for something relevant to your article, they land on your site. That is called the organic method.

Now, ranking content on a search engine is not as easy as it seems. You need to write SEO- friendly content to get a chance to rank there.

S E O Friendly Content Writing Tools

There are so many intelligent SEO-friendly content creation tools. Such as,

SEMrush writing assistant:

If you ever searched for your website SEO improvements probably you have heard of SEMrush. It is actually a bundle of many sophisticated SEO-related tools from checking your website health, to check the backlinks, they get pretty much everything covered in your website SEO performance. With a SEMrush Pro account, you can do most of the SEO practices for your website.

SEMrush has a powerful SEO content writing tool that helps newbies write content that is fully SEO optimized. You get lots of useful suggestion cut throat the competition. However, this feature is available for premium users and you may need to spend money availing of this feature.

Yoast real-time content analysis:

Yoast is a buzz name in SEO. For WordPress users, SEO plugin is used by so many website owners who want to nourish their content and overall search engine optimization performance. Yoast also has a tool that analyzes your content in real-time. It checks the meta description, keyword distribution through the article, whether you have used focus keywords on headings or not, and other on-page SEO practices.

Sendinblue email marketing:

Marketing is an inevitable part of a business in today’s internet era, no matter if it is small, medium, or large. Thanks to the internet, now we have lots of marketing channels to promote our products or services. If we look for the most affordable yet high-conversion marketing channels, email marketing would be on the top level. If you ever searched for email marketing on the internet, you have surely come across the name Sendinblue. It is one of the biggest names in the email marketing field.

Sendinblue Email Marketing Tool For Generate Leads

Affiliates usually don’t embrace paid methods to increase their affiliate earnings but using the paid techniques in the right way can give you a much higher income in a short period of time. But affiliates avoid that because it’s cost and some mediums cost quite big. Anyhow, through email marketing, you can promote your affiliate links fairly with very less amount invested. 

Why Sendinblue for affiliate marketing?

If you look at the statistics, 89 percent of marketers use emails as a primary lead generation method and the expenditure-to-return ratio is 42 percent. It simply means, for every $1 you spend on marketing using emails, you get $42 in return which is incomparable with any other marketing channel indeed. If you are a blogger and want to know whether Sendinblue is useful for you or not, you may find the article worth reading;

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Why Sendinblue Is The Best Email Marketing Solution For New Bloggers.

Now, let’s come back to Sendinblue. One of the primary reasons, Sendinblue is a must-have tool for affiliates is, it features a free plan which includes most of the options that you might require as a beginner. All of their plans come with unlimited contact-saving options. Only pay as the number of emails you sent not the number of contacts you save to your account. For an affiliate, it is super useful because, you can collect emails from your leads, and save them. No matter how big your email list is, you are not charged for them.

As you see the increased sales, you can opt for premium plans. You get all the advanced segmentation options, tracking reports, sales funnel creation, heatmaps, conversion tracking, and more. The paid plans which include more features also quite cheap in cost, compared to other email marketing companies.


Content is a major part of your marketing strategy. Great and attractive content helps grab more attention from users. Even though, people are now mostly busy watching video content, still readable content cannot be ditched. In fact, writing blogs, and convincing people with smart tactics are still in use. So, crafting great content is very important. Grammarly is an AI-based tool that helps write grammatical-error-free writing. People can use Grammarly in various ways. 

Grammarly For Writing Grammatical Error Free Writing

They have extensions for various browsers, integration with Microsoft Word, and applications for Android and iOS devices. The application is available in both free and premium versions. The free version gives limited recommendations, but to get all the benefits and suggestions you need to go for the premium plans. This tool is super beneficial to eliminate all the mistakes quickly from the article you are writing, content for social media, advertising, and more. 

Google keyword planner:

Another tool that is very important for affiliates is Google’s keyword planner. Didn’t hear Google keyword planner? No need to get worried about it. Before we dig deeper into Google Keyword Planner, you need to have a clear vision of why keyword planning is important. 

Why keyword planning is important for affiliates?

In order to make your affiliate journey successful, you need to drive quality traffic to your affiliate website be it free or paid. Typically affiliates put their effort to bring free traffic from search engines. To perfectly do so, keyword research is very crucial.

Firstly, you need to find the most relevant keywords, for your website. Keywords basically take place in people’s searches on the internet.

For example, if someone searches for a Sendinblue review and you have an article or content that includes the topic, your website will show as a result.

Google Keyword Planner Tool To Find Righ Keywords

Besides, when you are writing an article with affiliate intentions, you still need to find the right keywords for that and use them. If you craft an article for your affiliate business perfectly and it ranks on a search engine, you cannot imagine how much free and potential traffic you can have on your website.
But finding the right keyword is not an easy task anyway. To find relevant and useful keywords, you need a lot of experience and of course, some keyword research tools that will help you curate all the information. 

Now, let’ back to the Google Keyword planner tool.

Google Keyword planner is free:

Google has a very successful service for advertisers, called Google Ads. Through Google Ads, businesses drive traffic to their platform, increase sales, create brand awareness, and more. 

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To be technical, Google Ads is a bunch of sophisticated tools that are used for different purposes. Google Ads keyword planner is one of the most popular keyword research tools amongst beginner-level bloggers and affiliate marketers because it is completely free to use. Even if you are not running any campaign with Google Ads, you can still use their keyword planner. You get vital information such as the monthly search volume of a keyword, according to a specific region, time, and many other search metrics. If you are just a beginner, you must need the Google Keyword planner tool for your affiliate marketing operations. 

Even, more experienced affiliates can use this tool too.

The next one on our list is,


Flippa is actually a marketplace where you can buy and sell websites or businesses. This tool might also be useful for affiliates. 


If you are just starting with a super tight budget, this tool might not be useful for you. But, as every business needs investment, and if you could manage to invest some money, you can spend it to buy any suitable and already established website.

Flippa To Buy An Old Website For Referral Marketing


Why buy an old website from another website owner instead of creating your own?

When you buy an old website the first benefit you get is, it is old. Domain age is considered a ranking factor from a search engine perspective. Another reason to buy an old domain is, as it is on the internet for a long time, most possibly the website owner has put effort to create backlinks that are also a good benefit in terms of SEO. If you are working with a fresh website, you are doing it from scratch, you need a lot of time to rank on search engine optimization and receive traffic directly from search engines.

But, while you purchase any second-hand website, properly inspect, whether it has spam backlinks or is penalized by Google and other search engines. If you find that everything is perfect, and you find a good deal, It won’t be a bad idea to buy a domain from Flippa. Although there are many other platforms where you can buy websites with ease, Flippa is a very trustworthy platform for a while. 


Even if you haven’t heard of Taboola yet, you have come across the Taboola Ads on various content-based websites, especially on news websites. Taboola is one of the biggest native ad platforms to promote your website content and drive traffic there. People actually use Taboola to promote their content, on various content-based websites. Taboola has an advanced mechanism that places sponsored posts on third-party websites.

Taboola Native Ad Network For Referral Marketers

Now as an affiliate marketer, how Taboola would be beneficial for you?

You can create an excellent article on some interesting and useful topics. You need to fully focus on the quality of the content. After that, you can promote that content with Taboola. There are many reputed platforms that use Taboola ads on their site. The costs are relatively low. Your content looks quite identical to other website content. So, people click on those ads with reading intentions already. So, you get a more engaging audience through Taboola.

This is it. We found that these tools might be super useful for affiliate marketers if you want to increase your sales through affiliate marketing. According to the niche you have selected, a specific type of tools you might require. 

Thanks for reading. Explore more related articles,

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