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11+ Best Adsense Plugins to Place Ads on WordPress

Do you want to earn money from the internet without selling anything? Sounds impossible, but actually you can, you know. The important thing is that you know how to place ads in WordPress.

As long as your website has traffic, ads on WordPress can generate a decent amount of revenue. Just a day, you can get around $20 or more.

How? More interested in placing ads on WordPress, right?

Without further ado, let’s find the best AdSense for WordPress plugins that are most convenient for you!

11+ Best AdSense Plugins to Place Ads on WordPress

By the way, here’s a list of the best AdSense plugins for your WordPress:

  1. Google Site Kit
  2. Ad Inserter
  3. AdRotate
  4. WP-Insert
  5. Advanced Ads
  6. AdSense In-Feed
  7. WP Quads Ads
  8. Quick AdSense
  9. Woody Code Snippets
  10. WP125
  11. WordPress Ad Widget
  12. Easy Google AdSense

For more details, please refer to our review below:

1. Google Site Kit

Price: Free.

Google Site Kit for placing ads on WordPress

Google Site Kit is not really a special plugin for placing ads on WordPress. However, one of the tools in this plugin is Google AdSense. Its function, of course, is to add AdSense to the website.

Already installed by more than 2 million users, Google Site Kit offers various features, namely:

  • The context of the ad is in accordance with the website content. So, ads are still relevant to your content;
  • The ad format can be adjusted by yourself, starting from the size, shape, border, etc.;
  • Provide statistics to track AdSense performance;
  • Ads can adapt to mobile layouts;
  • Complete reference sources, starting from how to install, integration with other Google tools, etc.

In terms of features, Google Site Kit is quite complete. Even so, there are many AdSense for WordPress plugins that offer their own advantages and that you should learn about as well.

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2. Ad Inserter

Price: Free. The Pro version is available starting from €20/per year.

Ad Inserter is a popular Adsense plugin for WordPress

Ad Inserter is a fairly popular AdSense plugin for WordPress. Until now, there are more than 200 thousand Ad Inserter users.

Not without reason, this plugin does offer a myriad of advantages, including the following:

  • Install various types of ads, such as Google AdSense, Amazon ads, Media.net, etc.;
  • Supports ad code in the form of HTML, JavaScript, to PHP;
  • Ads can be placed on any web page: before the content, after the content, above the header, etc.;
  • Allows users to install custom ad code on the AMP version of website pages;
  • Make changes to advertisements and are free to set the time period.
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Now, with the free version only, your ads on WordPress will appear cool and are free to be placed in positions that you think are strategic.

However, if you are curious about the Pro version of Ad Inserter, please try the various extra benefits it has to offer. Especially in terms of security and more complete analytics.

3. AdRotate

Price: Free. The pro version is available starting from $40.46/year.

AdRotate plugin for placing ads on WordPress

If this is your first time placing ads on WordPress, you definitely need an easy-to-use AdSense plugin. Well, AdRotate is one of them.

Prioritizing user convenience and comfort, AdRotate is suitable for those of you who are new to AdSense. Here are some of the advantages of AdRotate:

  • Install various advertisements, such as Google AdSense, Bing, Amazon affiliates, etc.;
  • Supports HTML and JavaScript ad code;
  • Notifications in email and plugin dashboard when ads are nearing expiration;
  • Compatible with mobile;
  • Set the appearance of ads based on a specific location.

Seeing the various features of AdRotate, of course, this floating ad plugin in WordPress is suitable for those of you who are new to WordPress. However, if you want to get more complete features, you can try AdRotate Professional.

4. WP-Insert

Price: Free. 

Floating ads plugin in WordPress WP-Insert

Still, about the beginner-friendly WordPress ad plugin, WP-Insert is no less competitive. Especially for business placement and ad management.

More specifically, here are some of the features of WP-Insert:

  • More flexible and detailed ad placement locations: in the middle of the page, after a certain paragraph, in the sidebar, etc.;
  • Compatible for various types of devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet;
  • Hide ads on certain pages;
  • Provide A/B testing features for ads;
  • Facilitate ad retargeting with the ad placement feature.

So for those of you who want more freedom in modifying and managing ads in WordPress, consider WP-Insert to your favorite list.

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5. Advanced Ads

Price: Free. The Pro version starts from $50.57/year.

Advanced Ads plugin to install adsense on wordpress

Advanced Ads, an advertising plugin on WordPress is also quite popular. In fact, the rating alone reaches 4.9/5 from around 1292 users.

Understandably, Advanced Ads does provide the convenience of advertising through its functional features:

  • Supports various types of ads. Including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Amazon ads, to media.net;
  • Allows ad rotation;
  • Schedule ads and set expiration dates;
  • Show and hide ads based on the user’s device. Whether it’s desktop, mobile, or tablet;
  • Show ads based on the user’s location.

Apart from that, there are many more benefits of Advanced Ads. In its Pro version, this AdSense for WordPress plugin provides faster speed features than the free version.

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6. AdSense In-Feed

Price: Free. The pro version starts from $51.25/year.

AdSense in Feed is an advanced plugin from Advanced Ads

The AdSense In-Feed Plugin is an advanced plugin from Advanced Ads. The goal is to expand the placement of ads on your WordPress website.

Approximately, here are the benefits of AdSense In-Feed:

  • Support all kinds of Google AdSense;
  • Check for Google AdSense violations;
  • Automatically place ad positions on websites with the Google AdSense Auto Ads feature.

So for those of you who want to use the Advanced Ads plugin, you can also add the AdSense In-Feed plugin to make your ad performance even better.

7. WPQuads Ads

Price: Free. The pro version is around $87.66 /year.

WPQuads Ads to place ads on WordPress

WPQuads Ads aka Quick AdSense Reloaded is a feature-rich WordPress floating ads plugin. You could say, this plugin is suitable for those of you who have a modern website and varied content formats.

Not without reason, WPQuads Ads does promise the following advantages:

  • Ad integration with web stories. So, you can advertise through WordPress Web Stories;
  • Integrated with AMP plugins;
  • Provides display of various ad positions. Both at the beginning of the post, in the middle of the post, based on a certain number of words, etc.;
  • Exclude ads from certain pages;
  • Set when and where ads will appear.

In conclusion, for those of you who want to focus on advertising, especially through mobile, this WPQuads Ads plugin can be a really good choice.

8. Quick AdSense

Price: Free.

Quick AdSense sebagai plugin AdSense WordPress

The name Quick AdSense is indeed similar to the ad plugin in WordPress that we discussed earlier. But, actually, these are two different plugins, you know.

As the name suggests, Quick AdSense prioritizes speed and flexibility in creating ads on WordPress. I think, here are the advantages:

  • Provides a simple display of ad settings and does not require technical skills;
  • Allows you to retarget based on location, device, to visitor demographics;
  • Insert ads quickly using simple tags;
  • Flexibility to place ads anywhere;
  • Provide ad statistics to assess the performance of your ads.

You can see, that Quick AdSense does make it easier for you to advertise. However, this plugin seems more suitable for simple usage. Because it can only display a maximum of 10 ads on one page.

9. Woody Code Snippets

Price: Free. The pro version is available from $29/year.

Woody Code Snippets can be used to place ads on WordPress

Woody Code Snippets is actually a plugin for injecting various codes on websites. Such as header code, Google Analytics tracking, etc. Even so, this plugin can also be used to place ads on WordPress, really.

Broadly speaking, here are the features of Woody Code Snippets:

  • Insert Google AdSense, Amazon, Media.net, Yandex, etc ads;
  • Positioning advertisements in several places on the website page;
  • Allows you to create rich text ads.
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Apparently, the Woody Code Snippets feature is not as rich as other AdSense for WordPress plugins. Even so, you can use this plugin for other functions. For example, installing the Facebook Pixel code.

10. WP125

Price: Free.

WP125 is a fairly simple alternative to the AdSense plugin for WordPress. Promising more efficient ad management, this plugin provides the following features:

  • Show ads in one or two columns;
  • Feel free to show as many ads as possible and set the order yourself;
  • Monitor ad performance;
  • Schedule ads automatically;
  • Sends a notification when an ad has expired.

It is important that you know, that the WP125 system is not compatible with WP Super Cache. So that if these two plugins are activated, their performance cannot be maximized.

11. WordPress Ad Widget

Price: Free.

WordPress Ad Widget

Do you want convenience in managing ad placements? If so, WordPress Ad Widget can provide a solution.

Using this floating ad plugin in WordPress, you can simply drag the widget to a specific position, upload the ad, then save it. It’s simple, isn’t it?

12. Easy Google AdSense

Price: Free.

Install WordPress ads with Easy Google AdSense

Finally, Easy Google AdSense. Is this plugin really as easy as the name suggests? Let’s check what features this plugin provides:

  • Use Auto Ads to automatically show ads that perform well;
  • Automatically selects ad formats at optimal times;
  • Exclude ads on certain web pages;
  • Set the number of ads that appear on the website;
  • No need to manually enter the ad code into every page of the website.

With this AdSense for WordPress plugin, your website ads become more practical and automated. Thus, your time is also more efficient.

Let’s Place Ads on WordPress Let The Money Get Louder!

So far, you’ve bagged the 11+ best AdSense plugins for how to place ads on WordPress. You just have to choose which one is the most comfortable and suitable for your needs.

But remember, before placing ads on WordPress, you must have a website first. If you are still quite new to the world of websites, don’t worry, Bluehost has hosting recommendations for those of you who want to be practical.

Yep, what else if not Simple WordPress? As the name implies, this hosting simplifies the various needs of managing a WordPress website. Starting from automatic theme installation, ready-to-use websites, and much more.

In fact, you’ve got the Google Site Kit plugin, you know. So, you can be faster in placing ads on WordPress.

With the various conveniences of Simple WordPress, you can also focus more on collecting traffic so that the money from WordPress ads gets heavier. Both thinking about a content strategy to how to promote it.

So, do you want to earn money faster from WordPress ads?

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