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9 Benefits of Blogs You Must Know

Some people may think that the benefits of a blog are just a medium for writing articles. Of course, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are so many advantages to creating a blog for writers and readers alike. 

Indeed, what are the uses of blogs? How can a blog be profitable for you?

Basically, the benefits of creating a blog are many. For example, as a medium for sharing knowledge, honing writing skills, building online portfolios, and much more.

Well, if you want to know more, you are in the right article. In this article, we will discuss the uses of a blog that you need to know. 

No need for further details, let’s see this article to the end!

9 Benefits of Blogs

In general, the advantages of creating a blog are: 

  1. Sharing knowledge
  2. Sharpening Writing Skills
  3. Learn to Make Money Online
  4. Network Building
  5. Selling Products
  6. As an Online Portfolio
  7. Benefits of Blogs for Business
  8. Build Trust
  9. Get More Potential Customers

From the list above, you come to know that there are quite a lot of blog functions. But to make it clearer, let’s dissect them one by one in this article!

1. Knowledge Sharing

advantages of blogging

Not all the skills or knowledge you have can be easily shared. The reason is, not necessarily the people around you are fully interested in the skills you have. This is actually related to the limited range you have.

By building a blog, you can share your knowledge in a targeted manner with readers who are interested in what you present. That’s why one of the benefits of creating a blog is as a medium for sharing knowledge.

The interesting part is, you can make money from the blog that you have, whether it’s from advertising or selling a product.

If you like sharing knowledge or sharing what you are good at, taking advantage of blogging by writing can be a great opportunity for you.

For those who like to travel, for example, you can become a travel blogger and share knowledge about the interesting places you visit. 

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2. Sharpen Writing Skills

the use of blogs

The only way to become the best writer is to hone your writing skills. Of course, you can do that too. You can start by regularly writing articles on a specific topic.

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This is what bloggers do, they spend their time writing. The more often you write, the better writing you will produce.

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3. Learn to Make Money Online

blog benefits

Who would have thought that one of the benefits of creating a blog is learning to make money online?

So, for those of you who want to find additional income, you can do this by creating a website. Our advice first creates a blog according to the theme or blog niche that you master, then maximize it from there.

Don’t have time or don’t want to bother? The cheap Namecheap website package is the right choice for you.

Keep in mind, the use of this one blog often does not immediately have visible results. Just like the recipe for success for businessmen, maintaining a blog requires persistence in creating and publishing articles on a regular basis. For example, twice a day, or every other day.

After your visitors have increased, to get the income you can install advertising services such as Google AdSense or  Audience Network.

Apart from placing advertisements, you can also sell the products that you have according to the theme of your blog to make it more targeted. For example, if your blog is about fashion tips, you could also sell fashion-related items. Likewise with other blog themes. You can sell anything!

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4. Building a Network

blog function

Building a network offline is certainly not easy, especially if you have limited time to socialize and network. Well, the benefits of this next blog can easily overcome your difficulties.

You can start by writing useful and interesting things in the field you like. When readers are interested in your writing, they may send messages or comments about what you write.

So, before they write a comment, you can specify an email address or telephone number as a requirement for writing comments. Furthermore, once you have their contact details, you can use them for mailing lists or promoting your products/services.

Wow, the benefits of making a blog are very interesting, huh…

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5. Selling Products

blog benefits

If you have an offline business, you can use the function of this blog to get more customers every day.

The advantage of making this blog offers solutions to many problems at once, it can even get around the location of a less strategic place of business. You can start to get the benefits of a blog when the products you are selling start appearing in the online world.

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The use of this blog was successfully implemented by Cappy, the owner of an online plant business, PlantMart. At the beginning of his business in the online plant business, he also created a blog to optimize his website for SEO.

On the PlantMart blog, he writes articles about the types, benefits, and ways to care for the plants he sells. So that at the end of the article he can direct readers to stop by his online store.

By taking advantage of creating a blog for SEO optimization, sales have increased.

I used to try everything. Paid social media and so on. Before there was a Google update, we focused on SEO because it felt the most and had the best results.

If you have a business website, try the benefits of this blog to bring in more money.

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6. As an Online Portfolio

advantages of blogging

According to MediaBistro, nine out of ten companies will look to view profiles online before hiring. Nearly 43 percent of those surveyed said they found quality candidates this way.

Well, you can also take advantage of the usefulness of a blog as your online portfolio. You can fill this blog later with writing, photos, or projects or works that you have worked on before. That being said, taking advantage of the blogging function is a smart way to attract the attention of the company you want! check out xanderblog media.

7. Benefits of Blogs for Business

blog benefits

Starting a business or business is certainly not an easy matter. You need a lot of capital to just rent a decent place, for example.

When later customers start arriving, there are many limitations that have the potential to hinder the development of your business. If it is connected with a place, you may run out of space so you have to expand the physical size of your business space or move places.

There are advantages to creating a blog primarily for business. For example, you can start by writing a review of the product you are selling. When your blog is getting crowded, you can set rates if there are products you want to review on your blog.

Utilizing the blog function is also one of the most powerful ways to reach buyers online. If a potential buyer searches for a product via Google, then finds product reviews on the blog. You can direct them to visit your online store page.

This online business model has become increasingly popular in recent years. You don’t even need too much capital and business space to start.

8. Build Trust

the use of blogging

Most people will not cooperate with other people without knowing their background and capabilities. Of course, it’s not easy to gain the trust of other people in a short time, right?

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You can’t just buy trust. However, by taking advantage of the advantages of blogging, you can increase your readers’ trust in you in no time.

The trick, you only need to write things that are useful for readers according to the topics they like. Picture yourself as ‘reliable’ and broad-minded. Then they will trust you more.

The use of this one blog is effective for presenting your image in front of people you just met.

Apart from that, you also need to make sure your blog isn’t slow. Because most visitors will leave a blog that loads more than three seconds .

9. Get More Potential Customers

blog function

You can use the next blog function as a weapon to get more clients. Suppose you already have a business that sells shoes. Well, you can take advantage of a blog by constantly writing articles about shoes, both about the shoes you sell and those that aren’t in your store.

The content that you publish regularly will eventually become like a snowball. The more often you publish articles on a regular basis, the more readers will come to visit your website. This will also increase the level of trust potential customers have in your shoe business.

Of course, the frequency of articles published isn’t the only major yardstick. You need to pay attention to the content. Create the best content possible and prioritize content that can solve customer problems. After that, publish new articles as often as possible. Prospective customers will come flooding the blog that you own by itself.


Those were some of the benefits of blogging that you can get. It turns out that there are many blog functions too. Starting from imparting knowledge to many people, and earning income, to the benefits business, namely increasing buyers.

But, so that the benefits of a blog are more pronounced, you must choose a qualified hosting service. For example, the Hosting package provided by Namecheap.

Why should you choose Namecheap? There are many benefits that you can get, including:

  • There are various speed support features available;
  • 99% uptime so the blog will be online 24 hours non-stop;
  • Layered security protection;
  • Customer support standby 24hrs;
  • There are various hosting packages that can be selected according to needs;
  • And many more.

So, if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to experience the benefits of a blog, quickly build your blog and subscribe to hosting at Namecheap!

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