Xandertech.com.ng Want you to Learn about the Airtel Smart Trybe Tariff plan to attract airtime and bonus data in Nigeria.

Are you looking for a tariff plan that offers cheap data packages, and better prices for calling and SMS all networks? This post is written for you.

You will learn how to migrate, sweet benefits, and more information about Trybe.

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What is smart trybe

Airtel SmartTrybe is a “two-sided” tariff plan that gives you airtime bonuses and data to contact all networks, send messages, and maybe, browse the internet with the bonus you get.

You can make a call at a rate of 11k / second, and buy a cheap data bundle for surfing the internet that applies to 7 days including a night search plan that is not included at the low-cost N25.

Trybe smart packages are not new, available for all prepaid Airtel customers to choose from and start enjoying better value for their expenses.

Even though there is a delicious internet bundle to enjoy, you will also enjoy the incredible search speed on this package.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Trybe

Get cheap data packages to browse the internet. After you migrate to Airtel Smarttrybe, you immediately qualify for all bonus data offers including midnight data offers.

Extraordinary call rates. Enjoy the cost of 11K per second to all networks.

Average validity period. You are given a standard time frame to spend every data bundle you activate.

All prepaid customers are all allowed to choose SmartTrybe.

Active is simple. After you call a short code, you can start your SmartTrybe journey.

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Bonus airtime can be used to contact all networks and also, and you can also browse your choice website.

How to migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe

Give code, appointments after migration. Only when you migrate. Prepaid customers.

  • Just press * 312 # to migrate to the SmartTrybe Airtel.

Manual process;

Please open your mobile dialer application. Android smartphone or iOS.

  • Now, type the USSD code (* 315 #), and send it in your SIM airtel selection.

Wait when processing it. After that, you will see a quick pop-up on your mobile screen and also get a welcome message from Airtel that tells you about your new migration.


From 12 am to 5 in the morning in the middle of the night, you can buy two data bundles selected by Airtel:

  • 250MB only for N25
  • 1.5GB only for N500

Smart Trybe Call Rate & Rates.

You must enjoy local call rates at 25kobo per second for the first 5 seconds and afterward, 11kobo per second.

In short,

Local call: 11K / second (Meanwhile you are charged 25K / second for 50sec 1)

International calls: standard connection level.

Important Note: This is not a must you use 50 seconds on one-call access, you can contact multiple contacts. Yes, it will be recorded and continued from the place to stop.

Other airtel tariff packages with interesting bonuses

Airtel Smart Talk: Allows you to make calls at cheaper prices.

Smart Premier Airtle Bundles. Helps you make voice calls locally and internationally, SMS, browse the net, and download your favorite on Platinum and Platinum Plus packages.

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Airtel smart value. Offer you 15k / second flat rates to call the network in Nigeria.

Smart Connect Airtel. You get 100% of the data volume you buy and an 800% airtime bonus. I.e. 2x data and 8x airtime.

Airtel Smart Trybe Junior. Junior’s plan allows students and high school students to educate themselves in portable applications there an Airtel Trybe trick?

At this point, there are no clear means to cheat. How, why will you want to do that when it is cheap?

Have you emigrated to SmartTRYBE?

I think you can choose in this amazing rate plan, all by itself after my previous guide.


Have fun.

Watch the Video for more details….