Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting That You Need to Know

advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting

For those of you who are choosing a hosting service, shared hosting might be an option. However, do you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting?

Well, this article will briefly explain all the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting. So, you will know if shared hosting is suitable for your needs.

Let’s see together the full explanation!

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a web hosting service where you share a server with other users. Therefore, hosting resources, including storage, memory, and bandwidth, are shared by you with other users.

Despite sharing resources, shared hosting still offers optimal performance, really. The reason is that the server configuration is set by the hosting provider according to the general needs of the website.

Since the server is already set up, the operation of shared hosting is easy so you can start using it right away. That’s why this hosting service is suitable for users who are new to websites and their management.

Well, the advantages of shared hosting are not only that, you know. Come on, see in the next section!

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting?

To understand shared hosting more deeply, here are the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting:

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Advantages of Shared Hosting

Here are the advantages of shared hosting:

1. The price is affordable

Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting service. You can even get it starting from $2.95 per month. So, it is not surprising that users who want to create a website for the first time generally choose shared hosting.

2. Easy to Use

Another advantage of shared hosting is the ease of use. Because you don’t need to do server settings when you first buy this hosting service. Other types of hosting, such as VPS, require you to do some initial setup.

In addition, shared hosting is also easy to use because server performance and security are managed by the hosting provider. So, you don’t need to learn server management to be able to use shared hosting.

3. Have Good Resources and Features

Even though the price is affordable, shared hosting has enough resources to create a website with a small number of visitors. For example, blogs, personal websites, and simple business websites.

The features you get from shared hosting are also complete. For example, there is a control panel that helps you manage website files and databases.

Some hosting providers even offer free domains and SSL. That way, you don’t have to spend more to be able to immediately have a website with good security.

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Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

Here are some weaknesses of shared hosting that you need to know:

1. You Must Share Server

Having to share your server with other users can be called the drawback of shared hosting. Because you are limited to reasonable use of server resources. 

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In case of excessive resource usage, your hosting account may be suspended. Generally, hosting providers do this to maintain the overall performance of the shared hosting server.

2. Less Qualified to Manage High Traffic

Although it offers sufficient resources, the disadvantage of shared hosting is that it cannot accommodate many visitors or traffic at once.

For example, an online store website that is flooded with visitors when holding a flash sale. When a website with shared hosting is invaded by millions of consumers at the same time, the website can be slow or even inaccessible.

So, if your website starts to get a lot of visitors, you need to upgrade to a hosting service with more qualified resources.

3. Limited Hosting Arrangements

Hosting providers restrict your access to change settings on shared hosting. Mainly, on the main settings that have an impact on server stability. 

This is a drawback of shared hosting because it prevents you from configuring to optimize hosting speed or security. Although it’s actually quite optimal for standard use.

If the lack of shared hosting is preventing you from developing your website, you should choose another type of hosting that offers access to hosting settings.

Already Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting, right?

Thus an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting. Are you more determined to use this type of hosting service?

In short, the advantages of shared hosting include:

  • Have an affordable price
  • Easy operation
  • The resources and features are enough to make a website

Meanwhile, the disadvantages of shared hosting are:

  • You have to share the server with other users
  • The resources are not enough to accommodate many visitors
  • You can’t change the settings
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Although it has disadvantages, the advantages of shared hosting are more. Especially, if your website doesn’t have that many visitors yet and doesn’t need any special setup.

Well, Bluehost is a hosting service provider that can be an option to buy shared hosting. 

Bluehost shared hosting has complete features to help you build a website, including:

  • Servers with optimal speed like LiteSpeed ​​so that the website is always smooth
  • High uptime guarantee, enabling the website to always be online
  • Good security system to prevent malware attacks
  • Free SSL to secure data transfer between website and visitors
  • 24-hour customer support that you can contact through various media
  • Automatic website backup to prevent website data loss

You can get all of the above features from $2.95/mo. So, immediately choose a shared hosting package according to your needs!

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