9mobile Data Plans & Get 365GB Bonus For Free By Using this Codes 2024

list of all 9mobile data plans


I know you’re looking for the 9mobile data plan codes to subscribe to the internet package that’s right for your pocket.

Stay here, you will get the best datasets of 9Mobiles to browse the Internet and make your favorite business online.

First of all, what data plan are you currently underwriting? Is it daily, weekly, or monthly or do you have to buy a data plan on your 9Mobile SIM card?


Let’s go.


9mobile data code

Follow the guidelines below to purchase a dataset on this network.

Buy a data plan on 9Mobile;

Simply compose * 200 # on the Dialer app of your phone.

From the menu, answer 2.

You are ready to leave.

In short, you can compose * 200 * 2 # to subscribe.

Data plans of cheap 9mobiles and subscription codes

Choose from the list of 9 mobile data plans from Internet packets every day, weekly, and monthly.

N300 for 1 GB + Social

Damn, you can imagine how cheap this data plan is to be the first on our list today. Look closely, you can buy 1 gigabyte for only 200 nairas spent in antenna time. This plan is valid for 24 hours subscribe, simply dial * 229 * 3 * 3 # on your dialing application immediately.

N1500 for 7 GB + social

This is an amazing 9mobile data plan and it is the second Internet package on our list of 9mobile data plans. You can subscribe to this plan by recharging at least 1,500 Naira on your 9mobile number. After that, simply compose * 229 * 2 * 2 # on your phone. You use this data plan for 7 days or less.

No doubt, it is one of the 9 mobile data plan codes, check it.

N500 for 2 GB + social

Once you have purchased an N500 recharge card or charged directly from your bank VTU

You can get a large volume of data to browse your favorite business.

See, with only N500, you will get 2 gigabytes on your line. Just compose * 229 * 3 * 4 #, it’s valid for 3 days.

This arrangement is a solid match for those searching for the 9mobile information plan code for 500 Naira.

N500 For 1GB + Social 

Try not to get it wound, there are more information benefits than you might suspect. With only 500 Naira you can likewise get 1 gigabytes for an all-encompassing period. When you dial the information plan code, you move 1GB immediately.

To enact 1GB for 500, just dial *229*2*1# and acknowledge the buy. It’s substantial for 7 days.

N15,000 For 75GB 

Gracious! In this part, you should put somewhat in web information packs. Indeed, check your information equilibrium and ensure you have up to 15,000 broadcast appointments in your record balance, if not re-energize your line first.

From that point onward, sympathetically dial *229*2*4# on your cell phone. It’s substantial for 30 days.

N10,000 For 40GB 

Try not to disregard this 9mobile information plan. Envision, you can get up to 40 gigabytes, that is about 40000megabytes to peruse, download, and do nearly anything you need on your cell phone.


  • Essentially dial *229*4*1# on your telephone dialer application at that point check your equilibrium to affirm the activity was effective. By and large, you get an affirmation message following the membership. This information plan is substantial for 30 days.

N5,000 For 15GB 

On this, you should stack about the 5000 Naira credit through your bank VTU framework, Recharge card slip, or in any case you need to. After effective re-energizing, simply dial *229*2*37# on your dialer and you’ll get a challenging 15gigabytes to remain associated online for 30 days.

You can generally restore plans when it’s depleted.

N4,000 For 11GB 

  • You can’t stand to miss any of these proposals on 9mobile information plans. This one is 11 gigabytes of information volume and you can get it for 4000 Naira as it were. Basically dial *229*2*36# on your gadget. You will get an affirmation message subsequently.
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You ought to likewise take note of that this information group goes on for 30 days.

N2,000 For 4.5GB 

Adhere to this part for a second. Envision, 9mobile is giving you 4.5 gigabytes of information volume to do your number one stuff on the web for only 2000 Naira broadcast appointment re-energized on your line. This information plan is cool to me, however. You’re additionally given 30 days to go through the information, if not, it will be taken.

  • Basically dial *229*2*8# or SMS AND2 to 229 to initiate the information plan immediately.

N25,000 For 75GB Quarterly Data plan

Alright, you should add somewhat more to your speculation on 9mobile information plans. For this situation, you’re approached to re-energize 25,000 Naira broadcast appointment or more to get BIGGER information volume.

Indeed, you will get 75 gigabytes which is about 75000megabytes once you dial the functioning initiation code for this information plan.

  • Basically, dial *229*5*1# on your telephone, and you what? You have 2 months to go through that information which is 90 days.

N50,000 For a 165GB Bi-Annual Data plan

You should go BIGGER this time. Re-energize around 50 thousand Naira on your telephone to purchase this 9mobile information plan. To make this conceivable, just dial *229*5*2# and you’ll get a challenging 168 gigabytes on your line.

Try not to stress, you’ll be informed once the actuation is effective. This information pack is legitimate for 180 days which is 6 months.

N100,000 For a 365GB Annual Data plan

You should contribute much BIGGER this time. The one I shared before was half of this information plan cost and you understand what that implies;



  • Basically dial *229*5*3# on your gadget dialer to get 65 gigabytes right away. It’s legitimate for 365 days which is around 1 year.

9mobile Special Paks For BIGGER Data

These are uncommon information plans acquainted by 9mobile with their Loyal clients, so you can look at them and buy into your top pick underneath.

N500 For 1.5GB 

This 9mobile information plan is known as the Special Smart Chat Pak which implies you’ll be offered admittance to WhatsApp, Wechat, Facebook courier to talk with loved ones on these online media stages.

Indeed, talking as it were. Basically dial *343*5*10# to enact this information pack.

N700 For 2GB 

This one is known as the Special Smart Social Pak that permits you to peruse your #1 online media stage like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Eskimi, Instagram, Wechat, Kakao without limitation.

  • Just dial *343*6*12# to buy in immediately.

Observe This Info 

However long you’re ready to introduce web-based media applications on your present telephone, you’re acceptable to buy into the 9mobile Social Pak information plans.

Ensure you update your talk and online media applications to appreciate a superior encounter.

9mobile Fair Usage terms and conditions apply.

More Cheap 9mobile Data Plans For You

There are more web bundles than you might suspect. Parchment gradually as you find them. You’re going to get the membership codes to every day, week-by-week, and month-to-month information groups.

9mobile Chat Pak – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Data Plans

N50 For 1 day 

This is day by day information plan from 9mobile that gives you the admittance to just visit on Whatsapp and WeChat. All you need is to re-energize in any event 50 Naira and dial *343*5*5# to actuate. Goes on for 24 hours.

N150 For 7days 

Re-energize 150Naira on your 9mobile SIM at that point dial *343*5*6# to have the option to visit on WhatsApp, and WeChat for 7 days utilizing your cell phone.

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N400 For 1month 

In the first place, affirm your 9mobile record balance, assuming you have around 400 Naira, you’re all set. If, do whatever it takes not to re-energize in any event 400 Naira to meet all requirements for this offer. Simply dial *343*5*7# to initiate right away.

9mobile Social Me Pak – Data Plan Codes

N100 For 1day 

This is the first on our rundown of 9mobile Social Me information plans and to actuate, you’ll need to re-energize in any event 100 Naira on your line. Basically dial *343*6*7# to buy in. From that point onward, you’ll be offered admittance to admittance to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, eskimi, WhatsApp, and WeChat for 14hours straight up.

N400 For 7days 

With just a 400Naira broadcast appointment, you’ll acquire moment admittance to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, eskimi, WhatsApp, and WeChat once you dial the functioning code for this 9mboile information plan.

  • Just dial *343*6*8# on your telephone dialer and look out for the affirmation message from 9mobile before pushing ahead.

N700 For 30days 

Ensure you have as low as 700 Naira broadcast appointment re-energized on your telephone, from that point onward, dial *343*6*9# and you’ll have the option to associate on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, eskimi, WhatsApp, WeChat plan costs ₦700 for 30days straight.

9mobile Video Pak – Data Plans

In this part, you’ll be presented to some stunning 9mobile information plans you can purchase and peruse without unreservedly dependent on the time you’re given. It goes from 2 hours, 3 hours, up to 80 hours of information plan on 9mobile.

N200 For 2 Hours 

You should re-energize at any rate 200 Naira on your telephone, at that point dial the short USSD code to enact the 9miobile video Pak that gives you free admittance to watch recordings for 2 hours without interference.

  • Just dial *229*3*5# on your cell phone now. It’s substantial for 30 days. Terms and conditions apply. however.

N500 For 3 hours 

No compelling reason to pressure it, simply dial *253*1# on your cell phone subsequent to re-energizing your 9mobile record with at least 500 Naira credit. Indeed, you will get 3hours consistently to transfer recordings and films online in addition to FREE evening gushing for 30 days.

N1000 For 7 Hours 

This 9mobile information plan works like the ones I clarified before, only that for the situation, your video real-time is reached out to 7 hours. Indeed, when you re-energize a 1000 Naira broadcast appointment on your line, compassionately dial *253*2# and you’ll get an affirmation message right away.

The 7-hour recordings streaming Pak likewise accompanies Free Night Streaming for 30 days. Reasonable Usage Terms and Conditions apply.

N2,500 For 15 hours 

Essentially dial *253*6# on your dialer application subsequent to re-energizing your telephone with 2500 Naira or more to actuate this 9mobile information plan.

The same old thing from what you’ve perused above, you’ll acquire 15 hours every day admittance to watch your #1 recordings online with reasonable use T&C. Substantial for 30 days.

N6,000 For 40 Hours 

First thing first, check your record balance with *232# to cause you to have adequate credit to buy into this 9mobile information plan.

Presently, when you affirm your equilibrium, dial *253*7# to get 40 hours of unlimited admittance to transfer recordings online from YouTube, Twitch, or another video application you like.

Reasonable utilization terms and conditions apply. It’s substantial for 30 days.

N11,000 For 80 hours 

This is the biggest hourly information plan on 9mobile for video real-time. When you load an 11,000 Naira broadcast appointment, simply dial *253*8#, and in the wake of getting the affirmation message from 9mobile, feel free to begin watching your #1 recordings.

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Recollect that Fair use T&C applies. This arrangement is likewise legitimate for 30 days.

9mobile Night and Weekend Plans

The 9mobile night Data plan has been legitimate for quite a while and from the client’s experience, I can say that the web group merits the cash spent on enactment.

The 9mobile 12 PM information group is dispatched for all prepaid clients who can undoubtedly dial the membership code on their cell phone and blast, you’re associated.

Now, depending on your pocket size, your variety of data plans can buy to start sailing while others sleep (LOL).

Subscribe to your favorite below:

N200 by 1 GB

Starting with the N200 Naira data plan, simply check * 229 * 3 * 11 # in your bookmark application. But before doing so, make sure you have enough credit to avoid a failed operation.

This is valid for 24 hours and usable from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am at night only.

N1000 for 3GB.

As you already know, the larger amount you invest in the data plans in Nigeria, the largest data volumes are likely to obtain.

Now, the same applies to this 9mobile data plan. Once loading 1000 Niara credits, check * 229 * 3 * 12 # to get 3Gigabytes from Whooping to navigate all night from 7:00 pm to 6:59 am for 30 days.

N2000 for 7GB – Night and Weekend Plan

For even larger data package for 9mboile night navigation, be sure to have an average of 2000 Naira Airtime on your line. Check * 232 # to verify and confirm the balance of your account.

  • Simply check * 229 * 3 * 13 # to get 7Gigabytes of data to navigate from 7pm to 6:59 a.m. including weekends. They also give 100MB free for 24/7 WhatsApp. Everything lasts 30 days.

What are 9mobile data plans?

Take the list of data plans that I have given above. Yes, from N50 to any amount that is willing to spend on Internet data packets.

How much does the unlimited data of 9mobile cost?

It depends on how much you are willing to invest in a data plan, my friend. He commented below!

Benefits of buying 9mobile data plans

You are rewarded with more value for the money you sent at air time. Imagine 1GB for N200.

Free comprehensive data bonus Most of the time you buy 9mobile data plans.

Enjoy the navigation speed and a high-quality user experience.

Amazing YouTube transmission service with small money.

A long period of validity and more.

9mobile Internet configurations for a faster navigation speed

The best 9mobile APN configurations

If you buy a data plan at 9mobile and are not connected to the Internet, using these Internet settings help in this case:

First, the SMS ‘A 790. configuration is free, without additional charges.

After that, save the 9Mobile settings sent to you.


Go to the configuration -> More … -> Mobile data -> Names of access points -> Create new APN and apply the following …

Account name: NetworkPalava internet

Access point name (APN): 9mobile

Username: (write nothing here …)

Password: (leave it blank)

About 9Mobile Bundles Data

9Mobile, which was previously known, since Etisalat continues to offer an attractive data plan for users to explore the Internet with a higher navigation speed. You can imagine that experience, yes, surfing the Internet with so much confidence.

9Mobile Nigeria has existed for a while and after taking over the suppliers of the Etisalat network, I can say that your service is great to consider.

They are also one of Nigeria’s most popular telecommunications companies such as MTN, GLO, and Airtel.

This publication is created to solve your problems with 9mobile data plans.

9mobile Data Plans & Get 365GB Bonus For Free By Using this Codes 2024

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