5 Ways To Increase Your Website Speed To Rank Higher In Google

5 Ways To Increase Your Website Speed To Rank Higher In Google


Ways To Increase Your Website Speed

Many people often try to increase their website’s speed, but certain things need to be checked.

Now, this is not known for people that the website’s speed is a significant ranking factor for websites on Google. For keywords, if your website doesn’t appear on the top page, it means you tend to see very badly for no organic visitors at all.

Making the charge of your website faster must always be the priority for website owners, but it’s not easy. The speed of your site depends on several factors. That’s why focusing on one or some things won’t give you many effects. So, paste and make a checklist for your website. If you also want your website to load faster, the points below mentioned below will help you. Here we will talk to you about some points that you can check first, and some can also be repaired.

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Choose a famous hosting company:

The speed of your website broadly depends on the hosting package that you have chosen and the hosting company. Higher plans will offer more features, speed and performance. For example, using VPS through shared hosting will give you a better and smooth performance. However, the hosting company also plays a big role in it. If you choose a less famous hosting provider, you might get it at a lower price, but you won’t be able to experience the speed you expect at all.

Always use the image needed and optimized:

Images are an integral part of and websites and blogs. They take audience retention and increase the duration of visitors. But the image is also responsible for slowing down your website. When someone visits your website or any web page, the browser contains all page data. You might notice it takes more time and data to load a photo-oriented website than a static blog site.

Photos are the hardest objects on the website as a much smaller number of websites integrate videos on them. However, the current photo is much higher in quality, making it higher in size than in the past. So, you need to use an image optimized on your site if you want your website or webpage to load faster. Optimizing is a technology that reduces image size without affecting image quality.

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Many people use it manually, but there is a technology that allows you to optimize your photos without doing anything else. All you need to do is integrate the image optimizer into your website.

Even though the image must be optimized, there are always fewer images. Images that don’t need to slow down the speed of loading your page. All of this is about pictures for your article thumbnail images, but many people also use background images on their website. It certainly makes their articles and websites more attractive, but of course, it makes your website slower. Most people use images in PNG or JPEG format. Relatively, JPEG images are heavier than PNG, but you can reduce the size of the image using the WebP format.

Don’t bombard your website with ads:

For many websites that put advertisements is the only source of income. Especially content-based websites monetize their web content through various advertisements. But advertising has an important role in slowing down your website. Most advertisements have coding, which you need to place your website header. For example, Google AdSense is the number one website monetization platform on the Internet and serves billions of advertisements to millions of websites every day. After you have successfully joined their advertising program, you get an ad code. They show various types of ads there, banner ads, text and video advertisements, graphic ads, and more. No matter how they appear when you visit the page, the ad contains the rest, such as images, graphics, text, and coding. You can experiment with the same page with advertising and without ads. Pages that do not have ads will load faster. Many people use several ad networks at once to maximize their income. But, it isn’t very pleasant for visitors to see too many ads.

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Avoid using too many plugins:

WordPress website owners can add additional features and functions to their website by installing plugins to their site. Plugins allow you to add features without worrying about coding. But too many plugins make your website slow load, and the reason is very easy to understand. Even though you don’t need coding to install the plugin, but the plugin is made of coding. Every time someone visits your website, all coding pieces are also loaded. Because the number of plugins increases, the number of coding also increases. So, if you want to get a higher speed to your site, avoid using too many plugins.

Strat using CDN:

CDN stands for content delivery network.

It is also a new technology that helps serve your website faster. When you buy hosting or a server, all your data is stored there. In addition, when every visitor request is visited, the data is served from the server where it is located. Now, suppose your server is placed in the US. So, people from the US will be able to access your website faster. But if someone visiting your website from Asia or Europe will experience less speed. Why? Because data is served from the US. Now, if you connect your website from CDN, the date is presented from the CDN server. CDN providers create their data networks worldwide, and users will serve data from the nearest data centre.

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