5 Instagram Marketing Apps and Tools for Business

5 Instagram Marketing Apps and Tools for Business

Now is the era where many people are easy to open an online business. This is because it is easy to access anything with just a gadget that is in your hand. Everyone can open social media and access information anywhere and anytime, then people who are keen to see opportunities will use social media to sell.


One of the social media that is suitable for selling is Instagram because the number of users in Indonesia is very large. Even Indonesia occupies the 3rd largest position as the country with the most Instagram users in the world.


Onlineshops on Instagram are numerous and mushrooming. As an online business person, you have to compete with other business people by using Instagram marketing applications or tools that can boost your online shop turnover.

Of course, this Instagram marketing application or tool must facilitate your activities in managing business accounts. The features needed to facilitate business on Instagram are improving product images, increasing the number of followers, posting schedules, content management, and so on.

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The following are Instagram applications or tools that will facilitate and accelerate business turnover on Instagram.

1. Power Director



Power Director

Power Director is an application for video editing that will allow you to create nice and beautiful IG story videos. Ease of editing, providing background, and selecting screen ratios will make IG story videos more interesting and make followers interested in your products or services through the videos you make.

You can download it directly via Playstore or Appstore and it’s 100% FREE.

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2. Insta OG Plus



InstaOG Plus

The next powerful Instagram application is Insta OG plus. With this application, you can easily download images or videos belonging to other accounts. You can also quickly copy the caption from the supplier’s account if you act as a reseller. No need to bother retyping, just copy and paste in your photo caption. Very easy and time-saving, right?

Since this app is not available on Playstore, you can download it at:


After that install as usual and operate on the gadget at will.

3. Amelia



Amelia Instagram

The next application or tool is Amelia. Amelia is a paid Instagram marketing tool that functions as automation and has many extraordinary features so that it can jump-start Instagram business turnover with existing features. Unlike bots that follow any account, Amelia can be set according to your target market, because the main function of this tool is to create new engagement with followers and potential buyers, so it’s not just following.

These Instagram marketing tools can do many things, including:


  • Auto Follow targeted people automatically
  • Auto unfollow automatically
  • Automatic posting according to the time you want (scheduled post)
  • Auto Direct messages
  • Automatic comments in an elegant way
  • Auto like other people’s posts
  • Automatically repost posts

Target market research and hashtags

There are many other features that you can see directly at Amelia. id. With all these features you can bring in orders even when you are sleeping because everything is completely automatic. Now there is a new feature, namely Amelia Finance, simple accounting software for beginners. This is certainly very helpful so that business people can accumulate the total of all the profits they get.

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Amelia is in the form of Instagram software/tools so there is no drama at all, it’s different if you recruit employees to do it. These Amelia users have penetrated the turnover of millions to hundreds of millions per month by taking advantage of all the existing features.

You can also do it by directly clicking Amelia. id.

4. Story Saver



Story Saver APK

As the name suggests, this Instagram application functions to download other people’s IG stories. So, when you see IG story videos belonging to other accounts that are useful and have value for followers, you can easily download them with these Instagram tools.

Then upload it again using your Instagram account so that it can increase engagement with followers. Simply download via Playstore or Appstore by searching “story saver”.




VSCO Cam Full APK Download

This VSCO application is perfect for editing colors on product photos or images according to the brand image you want to create. The simple design and interface will make it easier for you to do image editing through the gadget.


Image editing doing this VSCO will make the image even more stunning. You can download this VSCO directly through the Playstore or Appstore.


With these five Instagram marketing applications/tools, it will be easier and increase your turnover on Instagram. Good luck.