Blogspot (Blogger) is Google’s best free blogging platform with the most users to date. But, have you ever planned to move up a class by blogging using your own hosting? has been the prima donna until now and you can register for free using Google email. Later, you will get a domain with an extension

But behind this free blogging platform, several drawbacks need to be considered, namely:

  1. Limited features
  2. Cannot install additional plugins
  3. Less professional for branding and business needs
  4. Blogs can be deleted at any time

Last few years, Google didn’t provide a significant update for Most of the features are only minor

In comparison, here are some of the advantages of having a blog using your own hosting:

  1. More complete features
  2. There is a complete plugin available
  3. There are many interesting themes (templates)
  4. Free script editing
  5. Website/blog looks more professional
  6. Full access to the website without any restrictions
  7. Blogs are safer

From the SEO side, it can be optimized to the maximum using the available plugins

As information, the platform most used today for blogging is WordPress. You can easily install the WordPress CMS yourself and of course, it’s free at no charge.

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Tips for Choosing Hosting


In order not to go wrong in choosing the best hosting, you can listen to 10 tips for choosing a good hosting. Can be used as a guide before actually deciding to buy hosting.

1. Know the Resources Needed

The first tip for choosing the best hosting is knowing the initial resource. If the blog you are going to create contains text and a few pictures, I think using an entry-level hosting package is enough.
It’s different if you migrate from a blogger website that already has a lot of visitors, you need to consider a medium or pro class hosting package. For the number of resources, you can choose the entry-level package first for those who are just starting, then when your blog has lots of visitors, pictures and videos are consuming a lot of resources, you can upgrade to a higher package.

2. Select Server Location

After the resource has been found, the next step is to choose a hosting server location from a personal blog. Like choosing a shop, a shop that is closer to the location will tend to be more preferable to a shop that is located further away from the consumer’s house.
Well, the server turns out to have many location options, for example, Nigeria, Singapore, Australia, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and others. If your blog uses Nigeria, then it’s better to choose a server location in Nigeria.

3. Consider Features

Many hosting and domain providers in Nigeria are currently waging a price war. Don’t be fooled by cheap hosting promos. First check your resources, RAM, processor, addon domain, free SSL and other limits. Don’t let you buy hosting at low prices but lacking features.

4. Make sure it supports the script used

If you plan to create a custom personal blog with your own coding, you need to pay attention to programming language support for the hosting service. Not all hosting provides support for certain programming languages, there are some that provide limits. But if you only install CMS WordPress on a personal blog, almost all hosting supports this script.

5. Check Server Uptime

If you choose cheap hosting, you can put it aside first, the most important thing is server uptime. In the future, this server uptime will affect whether the blog can be accessed or not, who wants to have a blog but cannot be accessed because the server has problems?
Make sure to check the server uptime of each hosting provider. You need to check it directly, not just through promos. For example, one of the Indonesian hosting providers , Qwords, can be checked via the following

6. Choose the Provider with the Best Service.


There is a saying that “the buyer is king”. So it is fitting for you to be served like a king. For that, you can find a hosting provider that has the best service. Not only cheap products, but customer service, technical support and server uptime are important.
Domainking is one of the cheap hosting providers in Nigeria that has decades of experience in the domain hosting business. There are already tens of thousands of clients who have joined and are satisfied that they have used the services of Domainking.

7. Check Provider’s Credibility

You can check the credibility of the hosting provider from its popularity and also the length of its existence. The longer it stands, it means the credibility is getting better and there are definitely many clients who use it. Do not easily believe cheap hosting offers from hosting providers whose company track record is not yet clear.

8. Customer Reviews

To find out the quality of the hosting provider, you can see reviews from customers directly. If you are a blogger, you can immediately ask the blogger community or blogger groups about hosting company reviews. Whether the server is often problematic or not, how is the service, and the technical support team is fast or not.

9. Adjust the Budget


Adjust Fund Allocation
Now, if everything is in order, make sure the budget you have is in accordance with the hosting price. For those of you who are just trying, it is advisable to try the yearly hosting package first because it is more affordable in terms of price.
If you are sure you can immediately choose the annual hosting package which is cheaper. For example, Domainking hosting is only #5,000 per year.

10. Ease of Payment

Already found the best and suitable hosting provider for the needs of our personal blog, but it turns out that the payment method is incomplete. For this reason, look for a hosting provider that provides easy payments by transferring to various local Nigeria banks, PayPal, digital wallets, e-money, offline payments at minimarkets and credit cards. So there are many other options that you can choose as you wish.


Thus the discussion on tips for choosing a good hosting for a personal blog. One thing is for sure, cheap hosting prices don’t necessarily have cheap quality. For that you can do an in-depth check through the tips that have been discussed above.
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