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10 Best Coding Learning Website Recommendations for You!

Who says coding is a skill that can only be learned through formal education? 

With a coding learning website, you can learn anytime and anywhere. You only need a laptop and an internet connection, you know! Interesting right?

It’s just that, now there are many coding websites that have sprung up. Maybe you are still confused about choosing the right place to learn code. 

Here, we will provide recommendations for coding learning sites complete with the advantages of each site. That way, you can choose the right coding learning website for you. 

Immediately, let’s see in full below! 

Why Should You Learn Coding?

There are many advantages that you can get when learning programming , including:

1. Bright Job Prospects

Job opportunities are one of the things to consider when choosing a job.

No need to worry, programmer job prospects are getting brighter in the future. In fact, the profession in the IT field is projected to grow by up to 13% in 2020 to 2030.

This happened because of the transition of business to the digital realm. Thus, many business people are starting to realize that websites and applications are important things in doing business.

The need for website and application development makes programmers have a very important role. It is not so surprising that currently many companies are hunting for expertise in programming that are competing to expand their business in the digital world.

2. Promising Career Path

Job prospects are guaranteed to be bright, then what about the career path of a programmer?

The good news is that the programmer career path is considered very promising. If you are a fresh graduate with no professional experience, you can apply for entry-level or junior positions.

After having experience for 1-3 years, your position will be promoted to Senior Programmer. It doesn’t stop there, a programmer can also become a Team Leader after passing the senior period.

Not only is the career path promising, a programmer is also guaranteed to get a high salary. In fact, Salary Explorer reports that the average programmer salary in Indonesia is between IDR 9-15.4 million. Extraordinary!

3. Sharpen Problem Solving Skills 

programmer will meet new cases every day. Hence, programmers must be able to identify and understand the problems that arise before making a program. After knowing the problem at hand, then the programmer can compile code that can be an effective way to solve the problem.

So, by continuing to practice coding, your problem-solving skills will be honed even more. Moreover, this ability is what many companies look for when recruiting programmers. 

More confident to learn to code, right? This learning process can be done self-taught, really. Currently, there are many coding learning websites that you can use to learn. What are they?

10 Coding Learning Websites You Must Know

Here are 10 recommendations for online coding courses that you should try:

  1. Coursera
  2. edX
  3. BitDegree
  4. Codepolitan
  5. Codecademy
  6. Codewars
  7. OpenCourseWare
  8. Code Avengers
  9. Solo Learn
  10. Upskill

Let’s discuss them one by one!

1. Coursera

Coursera coding learning website

If you want to learn quality coding materials, Coursera is the answer. Coursera’s collaboration with a number of the world’s leading universities certainly makes you no longer need to doubt the quality of its classes.

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Not only that, this coding learning website is also equipped with 8 languages ​​of instruction such as Spanish, Russian, Turkish, French, English, Portuguese, Chinese, and traditional Chinese. Just choose which language is comfortable for you…


  • There are many classes that you can take, such as Software Design and Architecture, Android Application Development, Cybersecurity for Business Websites, and many more.
  • Tutors and learning materials from universities around the world.
  • The duration of each online coding course varies, from weeks to months. So, you can choose the course according to your time availability.


  • All classes can be accessed free of charge, but users must pay if they want to get a certificate of completion of the learning program.
  • Most of the classes provided by this coding website are only for beginners.

2. edX

edX presents an online coding course complete with its resources

Collaborating with various world-renowned universities, edX presents an online coding course complete with its resources. 

Unmitigated, coding learning websites are worked on directly by elite universities such as Harvard and MIT. It’s no wonder that currently edX already has more than 5 million students.

On this learning coding site, you will find various topics that can be studied under the Computer Programming category. There is Android Development, Cybersecurity, Software Development, to iOS Development. Very complete, yes…


  • All classes can be accessed free of charge.
  • Provide certificates and degrees from reputable universities.
  • Class quality is top-notch with an intensive learning system.


  • Classes are less interesting because there is no interaction between teachers and students or interactions between students.
  • There is no learning roadmap, so many students are confused about where to start learning.

3. BitDegree

BitDegree is a place to learn coding that offers fun and interactive courses

Bored with the same learning methods? You can try the BitDegree coding learning site! This is because BitDegree is a place to learn coding that offers fun and interactive courses.

Really, what makes it so fun?

So, BitDegree has a goal to provide coding learning classes with a game model. Including, there is a prize in the form of BitDegree Tokens if you successfully complete the class.

You can buy paid classes on BitDegree with this token, you know. Interesting, isn’t it?


  • This coding website provides a choice of various payment methods, from debit cards, PayPal, and BitDegree Tokens, to Bitcoin.
  • Various coding learning classes are available from beginner to expert levels.
  • No need to worry about costs, BitDegree also helps outstanding users to find sponsors who are willing to pay for online coding courses.


  • Sometimes loading learning videos takes quite a long time because of their high quality.
  • Requires a lot of internet quota because the videos and graphics are good.

4. Codepolitan

Codepolitan is a coding learning website that provides free and paid classes

Codepolitan is a coding learning website that aims to help young people learn and practice programming. The goal is for the younger generation to become competitive individuals in the Industry 4.0 era.

This coding learning place provides free and paid classes. Not only that, but Codepolitan also offers a membership program to its users. With the membership program, users can access all classes at Codepolitan as long as the membership is still active.

Not only containing a set of courses, but Codepolitan also provides discussion forum facilities on its website. With this facility, users can ask about their learning problems which will later be assisted by the Codepolitan team and all members of this coding learning website.


  • A programming language that can be learned is quite complete. There’s Go Lang, PHP, jQuery, Kotlin, to Dart.
  • There is a Learning Path available that helps users who are still confused about where to start learning.
  • There is a Leaderboard that can motivate users in the learning process.
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  • The number of classes that can be accessed for free is only a few.
  • Free classes are only available for basic materials.

5. Codecademy

Codecademy is one of the biggest coding learning websites

Currently, Codecademy is one of the largest coding learning websites that has captured more than 24 million users.

This coding website has a catalog of programming language classes that you can take according to the level, namely beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

Unfortunately, most of the classes provided by Codecademy can only be accessed by members who subscribe to a membership.


  • There are various projects that can be used to build a portfolio as a programmer
  • You can test your coding skills with Code Challenges. This test was taken from technical interviews with large companies such as Google, Amazon, and Meta. 
  • After being submitted, the code that the user worked on will be immediately tested to find out whether it is correct or not.


  • This coding website does not provide refunds for users who want to cancel their membership subscription.
  • Material for the advanced level is incomplete.

6. Codewars

The Codewars coding website applies the challenge method in its learning system

Different from other coding learning websites, Codewars applies the challenge method in programming language learning systems. This method is inspired by martial arts, you know…

Every time a challenge is successfully passed, this place to learn coding will bring up more difficult challenges. After completing all the challenges given, users can compare their coding results with the results of other users. 

So, users can find out other coding methods that can be applied to deal with a problem when developing. That way, this coding website wants to hone coding skills and motivate beginners who are just learning on their own. 


  • There is a Freestyle Sparring program that accommodates competition between users to motivate the coding learning process.
  • There are various programming languages ​​available from C#, Ruby, Swift, and Haskell, to SQL.
  • All the challenges on this coding learning website can be accessed for free.


  • Several ways of coding in learning materials are quite complicated and are generally not used in the work environment.
  • This coding website is not friendly for those of you who are still beginners because the challenges given will get more and more complicated.

7. OpenCourseWare

OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a coding learning site created by MIT

OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a coding learning site created by MIT in 2001. The goal is to distribute free learning materials to the wider community. So, even if you are not a student studying at MIT, you can still access all available classes at OCW. 

Computer Science is one of the classes provided by this place to learn coding, from Python, C++, and C, to Java.


  • Users can choose a degree program to get a degree or take courses separately.
  • All classes are available free of charge.
  • There is no set time limit for each course, so users can study it for as long as they want.


  • The absence of deadlines for all online coding courses offered might make users less motivated to complete the course immediately.
  • The duration of the learning videos is quite long.

8. Code Avengers

Most of the online coding courses provided by Code Avengers are in the form of games

Still, looking for an exciting coding learning website? You can try to learn in Code Avengers. Most of the online coding courses provided by Code Avengers are in the form of games. That way, users will not get bored quickly during the learning process.

This coding learning site has various learning programs, namely:

  • Junior – Learning coding class for children, also available at intermediate level (10-15 years old) and advanced (13-16 years old)
  • Pro – online coding course for advanced students who want to hone their coding skills.
  • Edu – learning coding class for elementary, middle, and high school teachers
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  • A 7-day free trial is available to test whether the program fits the user’s way of learning or not.
  • The duration of the course is around 12 hours so there is a lot of material to learn.
  • Not only does it provide coding learning programs for web development and application development, but there are also learning programs for making games on this coding learning site.


  • Not suitable for users who prefer conventional learning systems that do not involve games. 
  • High-quality graphics so the internet connection must be stable so that access to the material remains smooth.

9. Solo Learn

The place to learn coding Solo Learn presents more than 20 programming language materials

Solo Learn is one of the best coding learning websites. The proof, this site has captured 57 million students.

This place to learn coding features more than 20 popular programming language materials, including Python, HTML, JavaScript, and Swift.

Interestingly, Solo Learn has a Code Playground feature which is used to share the code that is being worked on. In this feature, other users can provide feedback or collaborate with you. Exciting, right?


  • All available coding learning classes can be accessed free of charge and users will receive a certificate after completing a class.
  • This coding learning website is a mobile-friendly site.
  • Can compete with other users with the Code Challenges feature.


  • This coding website does not provide a guidebook for users who have learning difficulties. So, users should ask other users in discussion forums.
  • The appearance of the website is very simple, causing users to get bored easily.

10. Upskill

Project-based Upskill online coding course

Want to focus on learning web development? Upskill can be the perfect coding learning website for you. 

From the front page of the site, you are presented with “Learn how to code from scratch”, which means learning how to code from scratch. So, for those of you who are still complete beginners, you don’t need to worry. This coding learning site will help you learn web development from scratch.


  • This online coding course is project-based, so you can apply what you learn right away.
  • Projects worked on during the learning process can be included in the portfolio.
  • There are learning programs for beginners and advanced programmers.


  • There is a duplication of material in several coding learning classes.
  • Sometimes there are incorrect grammar and typos in the material provided.

Which Learning Coding Websites Are Interesting For You?

From this article, you already know various coding learning websites. No need to be confused about which place to learn to code. 

Choose a coding learning website that offers certificates and has project-based material. Because you can make the project a portfolio to prove the skills you have. 

Later, you can try to online the project that you are working on so that it is easily accessible to the public. One way to get a project online is to subscribe to hosting.  

Don’t forget to make sure you have chosen flexible hosting to create various types of websites. For example, the Hostinger VPS service provides full root access. That way, you can configure the server as you wish so that it is compatible with the type of database or framework you are using.

Interestingly, you can get all of that with prices starting from $7.99/mo! Very good, right?

What are you waiting for? Let’s get your project online with quality hosting from Hostinger

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